Traveling with TRT?

Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by justhappytobealive, May 17, 2018.

  1. justhappytobealive

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    I'm currently on trt of 100 mg of test c a week but do not have a prescription I'm traveling aboard for about 2 months and I was wondering if I put the test in my luggage (a girl i'm with works at a pharmacy and has needles and syringes ready) Should I remove the label of the test? and should I shove it in with my tooth brush/deodorant/condoms bag? First time traveling aboard with it and I have sent test already but I was not aware it takes about a month and i sent it 2 weeks ago and the possible fear of it being taken by customs makes me feel better about bringing some with me
  2. GIVEitUP

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    I travel all over in the states with gear and pins packed in my tooth brush and deodorant bag dont know about flying out the country tho
  3. TRT@40

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    Another option is to get your source to ship you enough gear to the country you are travelling to so you don't have to carry it with you illegally
  4. J DUGIN

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    I have packed it in my checked luggage and taken it in my carry on. Never any issues here. Take only the amount you need and keep it in your overnight bag with your other stuff.
    May not hurt to remove the labels especially if it looks like ugl.