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    You can pay for airline flights and hotel/rental accomodations using Bitcoin :)

    Source: Bitcoin Couple Travels the World Using Virtual Cash -
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    In my travels on the Web, I ran across a couple of suppliers that take Bitcoin. I could be incorrect, but the whole thing just seems shady. What happens when no one wants to take them any more.
    Your out of luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It seems the only one making out, is the person or persons who originally sold them to you, and actually got your cash.
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    It depends on the market. For those whose primary concern is privacy and anonymity, I think these customers will (should) demand it and vendors will be quick to offer.

    For example, Anonymousspeech accepts bitcoin for payment email service. VPNs that don't log users accept anonymous payment via bitcoin e.g. Private Internet Access and
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    Then there's the Winklevoss twins who are making close to a 100 million dollars from bitcoin investment!

    The Winklevosses: Bitcoin worth 100 times more
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    Travel-related websites that accept bitcoin:, German-based online vacation rentals marketplace

    AirBaltic, Latvian airline, California-based online travel booking website, New York-based online flight and hotel booking service, Bulgarian-based online travel agency
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    I doubt that will ever happen again. remember there is a finite amount of bit coins that can ever be pulled out of the chain, this makes it more valuable then almost any other type of currency besides say gold. And your not gonna ship a few bars of gold to cheapoair for some plane tickets.

    I know its tough to understand, but the intrinsic value is there in the technology.

    A lot of people are afraid of BTC because its not backed by the government, this is what they have brainwashed you to believe. BTC is actually better because its NOT controlled by the government.

    Its very simple, as long as bitcoin grows in popularity, it will always be worth more and more. Yes there will be ups and downs, but the long term chart it is skyrocketing.

    Just think a mere 5 years ago the value was about 3 cents. Its over $500 now. There is no stock or commodity with that track record.

    BTC is acquiring even more purchasing power than cash, because of its ease of storage and transfer.
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