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Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by RomanMVP, May 25, 2019.

  1. RomanMVP

    RomanMVP Member

    Anybody have good luck with running tren A 3Xs weekly? I'm thinking with a 48 hr. half life it has to be administered at least EOD, but a couple guys here think MWF works just as well. I don't buy it.
  2. AlwaysHungry

    AlwaysHungry Member

    Yeah MWF is fine but as you increase the dosage start to add days now on MWF youre at 300mg. MWFS 400mg etc
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  3. johntt44

    johntt44 Member

    Mwf works just fine. If you increase the dosage just add it evenly to the 3 shots. I start getting tren cough when I get to 200mg tren ace shots though. When I get that high then I add a shot and go eod.
  4. Girth

    Girth Member

    Try and see. More frequency, less sides every time. If you don't get sides from MWF.....lucky you....enjoy it.
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  5. T-Lab

    T-Lab Member

    Ace or prop I would do daily
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  6. Monstar

    Monstar Member

    Done MWF fine. Around 500mg weekly. I notice no difference vs ED or EOD. Doing it right now as a matter of fact.
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  7. RomanMVP

    RomanMVP Member

    I've never done MWF, always ED or EOD. But ED means trouble with sides, and I like to start with 50mg. each inject. For me, sides rear their ugly head when I increase total amt. of tren per week.
  8. T-Lab

    T-Lab Member

    ED means less sides. More stables levels. You just split the weekly total into daily shots you don’t increase the total amount.
  9. RomanMVP

    RomanMVP Member

    I've really never had tren sides with EOD, especially at 50 mg. per. I'm still debating this MWF schedule. I think MWF for NPP would be fine, but I guess it's just a matter of trying it.
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  10. Monstar

    Monstar Member

    Lots of guys do fine. Some don't. You'll have to see what camp you fall into.
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  11. Mayne

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    And why would you do MWF instead of just EOD it is basically nearly the same pins per month anyway
  12. Tinytim

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    I dont see a difference in 3 times a week or eod. Your injected muscle will be adding some time release anyway, especialy gluteal injects. We're not bangin veins here.
  13. LeoTC

    LeoTC Member

    Easier dosing more than anything. I'm about to start my first go round with tren and was about to ask the same actually.

    I'd prefer to keep to 300 weekly and 250 Test. Pinning Sust once a week after a two week front load, then once a week after.

    Prefer to keep things pretty regimented, so a schedule works better, in theory, than just pinning EOD.

    Will see how it shakes out in practice though.
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  14. RomanMVP

    RomanMVP Member

    Nope. If I can get the job done with 3 pins a week it'll be worth a try for me. Test E, tren A, NPP on M/f, tren a/NPP on wed. If you have been doing this for as long as I have over the years, the least number of pins per week at this point the better.
  15. Tinytim

    Tinytim Member

    I hear ya on the pinning, i use a laundry detergent bottle for a sharps container. Between the slin pins and gear pins it doesn't take long to fill it up
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  16. T-Lab

    T-Lab Member

    No the muscle does not “add time release” the calculated half life of the ester is based in intramuscular injection.
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  17. LeoTC

    LeoTC Member


    Sharps container is like $10 and the exchanges replace them when you drop off.

    Just saying, that bottle isn't very puncture resistant.
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  18. bob357sig

    bob357sig Member

    MWF is fine for trenA. Remember, you are talking about Half Life, not active life. 300 mg/week is still 300 mg/ week of tren. I think guys get too worked up about blood levels, sure it is important with your test base,or when using an oral with a very short half life, but like I said 300 mg of tren is 300 mg of tren. Any more pinning then that and I think I would loose my shit after about 2 weeks lol.
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  19. RomanMVP

    RomanMVP Member

    Yup, been there, done that.
  20. little

    little Member

    Every day dosing!! Or nothing!! EOD MAAAYYBE.