Tren A, Test E&P, Mast P 10 Week

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    looking to run my first tren Mast combo.

    0-1:Test P 100 EOD
    0-10: Test E 250 2*WK
    0-8: Mast P 100 EOD
    0-8: Tren A 75 EOD

    nolvadex pct

    I’m looking for body recomp. I took 6 months out of the gym due to injury and put on a little bit of pounds of fat and lost a good bit of muscle from my last cycle. First time running Tren. Have ran Mast inplace of arimidex in my previous low test cycle. Running Test P for the first week to kickstart while Test E builds so I can hit the Tren and Mast right off the bat.
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    Did you start this cycle? I'm thinking of something similar.
  3. If youre set on running a proper tren/Mast/ Test combo, then do it right. Get rid of the red headed step child in this cycle and swap her out for a short ester all the way from start to end. Having the Test Enth in there is just not conducive for a properly planned short ester dominate cycle. And if you respond "its all i have", then wait until you have all shorts to run this cycle. It'll be a good one, so do it right.

    No AI because youre using Mast in lieu of?
    Youre running 500mg of testosterone and you think some masteron will perform like an AI?
    Why have you only included nolvadex in your recovery plan?
    No hcg on cycle?
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    The Test ester is absolutely meaningless as far as results go. I do agree in this case because it’s someone that still needs runs a pct which obviously makes that transition more manageable.
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    Not my cycle thread. I was just interested in the compounds being ran together; so was wondering if he started it.