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Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by gsxrridebig20, Jan 15, 2008.

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    gsxrridebig20 Junior Member

    hey a friend was telling me about tren so i decided to read about it just to see whats the big deal. reading up it seems pretty nasty stuff with all the side effects posted about it. i was just wondering if there is anyone who knows alot about it. if someone was to take this by itself for a cycle procedures for a balanced cycle to get little as can side effects? and does it really destroy the liver for one cycle would milkthisle work for a person to have a healthy liver? just curiosity.
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    MrBman Junior Member

    dude dont take tren by itself - unless your down with limp dick ... you need to run test with it ... id say the two main sides to look at would be its shutting down of the HPTA which it does pretty harshly - in other words hcg is a must and you might become an asshole ... but you will make some nice gains
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    advanced-stealth Junior Member

    tren is a very powerful compound with some very rough sides. Read as much about it as possible before using it.

    Have you ever cycled before? If so what have you used?
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    MrBman Junior Member

    another thing to remember is that people who use tren tend to prefer one ester over the other - some people get less sides from Tren A then from Tren E and vice versa ...

    theres actually three different esters available - ive only tried Tren Acetate ... used it for a very short time - but i loved it - it made me harder, a bit vascular, stronger and gave me some really nice intense workouts ... unfortunately i also felt pissed off frequently, especially when people did really stupid things... but i never lashed out on people - i also had an acne break out - all on my back ... my suggestion would be if you do end up trying it - start off at a lower dose, see how you react to it and increase/decrease accordingly - sides are a lot easier to isolate and control with the tren acetate than with enanthate - obviously due to the differences in their active lives
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    375Ranger Junior Member

    Never tried tren E....but I really liked the Ace! I did get acne aswell, next time I run it (really soon) I will use Proactiv skin care. It worked well for me before. Good luck.
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    kawbiker1 Junior Member

    I've used tren E with and without test. I never got limp dick from it. I was stronger and more ripped than I have ever been in my life. Absolutely insane compared to your normal test and deca types of cycles. I loved the stuff, but it made me a complete ASSHOLE! I still have no idea how my girlfriend is still around after that stuff. It was strange, someone could call a name and I wouldn't care, but my shoe lace got tangled one morning and I blew a fuse...throwing shit...cussing...yelling...kicking my shoe, because it didn't go through the wall when I threw it. It was ridiculous. Then....5 minutes later...all cool again for another week or two. Sounds crazy was. It's the only side I had from the stuff. I had to give it up, because I realized how retarded I looked when I acted like that and didn't want to start losing friends. Its great stuff, but it has names like "evil Juice" for a reason. I don't know if it affects everyone like that, but it made my temper short at times and when it was bad news. On the good side though, I gained muscle mass, loss fat, and was strong as can be all happening at once. Very different than any other AAS I've used. Ahhh...tren...I miss you.

    Take Care,
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    bigbench Member

    Im a pretty mellow guy so when I take it, I will just get a little agitated, nothing really too bad. But that with test is one of the things that transforms your body more than anything else. It is a great compound. And the limpdick thing, doesnt happen to EVERYONE. Suprising, I know people that hae taken a gram of ONLY tren a week for very long periods of time and had crazy sex drives.
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    MrBman Junior Member

    Big bench brings up an interesting point ... a few people i know have taken equipose by itself and experienced no ED sides ... i think it truly comes down to how your body recognizes different compounds -

    i personally like to play my shit safe ... so i have made it a rule to myself to always use test in every cycle ... since in my opinion its the only substance your body would recognize as a natural hormone during a cycle ...

    But i probably shouldve rephrased what i said in my earlier post- just that the rule of thumb for most people is that the majorty of hormones that are derivatives of test modified at the 19th position will cause limp dick or low sex drive in most men ... then again ... its purely based on a few studies and theory - in reality everyones different
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    bigbench Member

    Exactly Bman. ALL AAS are hormones. They all effect your body in one way or another. And what most dont know, is as much as they effect the body, they affect chemical balances in the brain. While some it might cause negative effects (limp dick) others might have an imbalance of chemicals in the brain (not psycho or anything, but some people are just born functioning in ways that others cannot) and when certain hormones are brought in to the system, it effects them differently then it would someone else.

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