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    jmills Member

    OK, so I'm running Ten A with Prop, first time using tren. I'm almost 2 weeks in right now. I thought it was the Prop causing the serious pain, but I started pinning differently...short story pinning the Tren A seperately. FUCK ME! I just pinned 150 mgs with 150 mgs test e this morning in my left quad and I can hardly walk. Apparently the Tren is causing the pain. Now, not trying to sound like a big ol vagina here but this shit is PAINFUL...previously the pain has lasted 1 1/2 days, so I know about what to expect. My question is this: Is there anything I can do to lessen the discomfort? I mean short of sending you my gear of course :rolleyes:

    Any advice is very appreciated guys. I've got 12 more weeks of this shit to look forward to :eek:
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    Stretch Member

    JMILLS, you started the cycle before I did!!:eek::eek:

    Now I have to live vicariously through YOU! I'm right behind you tho, I'll be starting soon. How is it going so far bro? Other than the pain obviously.

    I don't wanna give you all the dumb answers bro, you almost certainly know more than I do. But try laying a heating pad on the site, after you inject, or take a hot shower, along with massaging the site obviously. Heat the oil, and if all else fails dilute. I'm sure you already knew all this tho. I mainly wanted to see how the cycle is going so far.
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    jmills Member

    Man I've tried everything except diluting it. Oddly, it seems like heating the gear up makes the pain worse? I dont know anything about "messing" with my gear...if anyone has any advice in that direction I'm all ears bro.

    So far the cycle is coming along nicely. I'm loving the Prop Tran a combo...lots of pinning (EOD) especially with adding the test E in at 300 mg E3D...sometimes this schedule puts me pinning every day 3 days in a row....but I can keep up with all the pinning times on my smartphone, and my wife knows all about it so its all good.

    Strength gains have been modest, I'm dieting pretty hard (for me) and dropping BF at a pretty decent clip. Been doing higher reps and some cardio (Have i mentioned how much I HATE freaking cardio? Bag work is about all i can stand :eek:) So far i havent experienced the dreaded tren cough or night sweats or reduced cardiovascular output or any strange sides...just the normal swelling of my hands (among other body parts ;) ) and oh yeah...I have noticed my skin seems kinda flushed...almost like I just got out of a tanning bed or something. Like a real wierd reddish tint, hard to describe, never had it before. I have very pale white skin naturally, so I can really notice it. I'm thinking its from the tren, but I have no idea where its coming from. BP is fine, so ?
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    Meathead27 Member

    You could cut your gear with more oil or just add a mL of injectable B12 per injection.
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    jmills Member

    OK, what kind of oil? I'm a complete noob at cutting my own gear with anything, but I'd mix the shit with Mobile 1 if you tell me it'll make it less painful [:eek:)]

    And is injectable b12 something you can get OTC here in the states?

    Thanks for the help man, I know I'm a pussy but jeeeeeez I'm sitting here afraid to get up cus then I'm gonna have to straighten this damn quad out :eek:
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    Stretch Member

    Hey jmills, I have some sterile oil right now.

    send me an e-mail
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    Meathead27 Member

    Any sterile oil will work, but ethyl oleate is the least painful to inject(although it is also the most expensive).

    Chem-meso carries it(although its way overpriced IMO). You can also order it from vet supply stores.
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    newbie23 Member

    tren should NOT hurt-it is one of the easiest to suspend...........what lab?
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    Prokendo Junior Member

    I've found (bioizer brand) that ten ace, 75mg/ml hurts for a day, bi-tren doubles the pain and hurts 2 days, and tri tren hurts the absolute wost for the whole week. When I used a less reputable company in the past there was little or no pain with ace or bi, they didn't have tri. I think and it's only a hunch, that the more pain the better the gear when it comes tren. I found a profound in strength and lean body mass but not much bulk, but finally got the tren caugh. Difference happened once I changed brands. Will not tell you inferior gear name because this may not be the absolute truth and no studies just my experience. But when I went to the more expensive/painful tren I "FELT" it at the gym. Oh, night sweats, little agression, whole nine yards including 7% ish gain in strenth after 4 weeks.
    PS try the Z meathod of injecting.
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    Stretch Member


    originally by Digweed.

    Z-track injection is a method of injecting medication into a large muscle using a needle and syringe. This method seals the medication deeply within the muscle and allows no exit path back into the subcutaneous tissue and skin. This is accomplished by displacing the skin and subcutaneous tissue 1–1.5 inches (2.5–3.75 cm), laterally, prior to injection and releasing the tissue immediately after the injection.

    The Z-track method of intra-muscular (I.M.) injection is used primarily when giving dark-colored medication solutions, such as iron solutions, that can stain the subcutaneous tissue or skin. It is also the method of choice when giving I.M. medications that are very irritating to the tissue, such as haloperidol or vistaril.

    Precautions taken when giving Z-track injections are all aimed at preventing the medication from leaking into the subcutaneous tissue or skin. These precautions include:

    * Do not give a Z-track injection into skin that is lumpy, reddened, irritated, bruised, stained, or hardened.
    * Add 0.3–0.5 ml of air into the syringe after drawing up the correct dosage of medication.
    * Change the needle after drawing the medication into the syringe.
    * Select a long needle (2–3 inches; 5–7.5 cm), depending upon the size of the patient, with a 21- or 22-gauge needle to place the medication deeply within the muscle.
    * Give Z-track injections into a large muscle in the buttock (the gluteus medius or gluteus minimus).
    * Aspirate on the syringe before injecting the medication to be sure not to hit a blood vessel. If blood appears in the syringe, a vein may have been hit. Remove and discard the syringe and medication. Start over with a new syringe, fresh medication, and a new site.
    * Caution the patient not to wear restrictive clothing that could put constant pressure on the injection site.
    * Rotate the injection sites from one buttock to the other and from site to site.
    * Do not place injections into a disabled limb. If there is decreased circulation, the medication absorption will be affected and abscess formation can occur.
    * Never inject more than 5ml of medication at a time when using the Z-track method. If a larger dose is ordered, divide it and inject it into two separate sites.


    To give a Z-track injection, use the non-dominant hand to move and hold the skin and subcutaneous tissue about 1–1.5 in (2.5–3.75 cm) laterally from the injection site. Alert patients when the medication is about to be injected. Ask them to breathe through their mouth and to try to relax the muscle to avoid muscle resistance. Continue holding the displaced skin and tissue until after the needle is removed. Dart the syringe rapidly into the site at a 90° angle. Aspirate on the syringe to be sure that a blood vessel has not been penetrated. Inject the medication slowly into the muscle. Be sure that the syringe is completely empty, including the air, before withdrawing the syringe. Withdraw the syringe and immediately release the skin and subcutaneous tissue.

    Wash both hands and put on gloves. Check the medication label before giving the medicine to avoid medication errors. Be sure it is the right medicine, the right dose (strength), the right time, the right person, and the right

    method. Note the expiration date on the label. Do not use outdated medicine. Draw the correct dosage into the syringe including 0.3–0.5 ml of air. Discard the uncapped needle in a needle-box and attach a new sterile needle. Provide privacy and position the patient on the side with the knee slightly bent to relax the buttock muscles. Expose the buttock only, using the patient's clothing or a drape. Use the landmarks defined in the I.M. injection section to identify the desired injection site along the gluteus medius or gluteus minimus muscle. Prepare the site with an alcohol swab by rubbing the swab firmly in a 3-inch (7.5 cm) circle from the center of the site outward to remove bacteria from the skin. Allow the skin to air dry.

    Apply gentle pressure to the site, using a dry gauze pad, if necessary. Do not rub the site. Continue pressure if bleeding occurs, and apply a bandage, if necessary. Replace the patient's clothing and allow the patient a 5-minute rest period. Then encourage the patient to walk about to enhance absorption of the medication. Discard the used syringe and uncapped needle in a needle-box. Place gloves and used swabs in a plastic trash bag that can be sealed and discarded. Wash both hands when the procedure is complete.

    The complications of a Z-track injection are not common, but include tissue staining, bruising, abscess formation at the injection site, and severe pain at the injection site. Notify the physician if any of these conditions are noted.

    Medication administered by Z-track injection is absorbed rapidly from the muscle into the bloodstream. The effects are seen over hours to days, depending upon the medication given.

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    jmills Member

    Yeah guys, I've been doing Z method for years. Good stuff!

    I think i spoke a litle too soon on the tren. Like I said, this was the first pin with tren a alone so when it went south i just assumed it was all pain frpom the Tren. Well, when I got home last night and dropped trow, I noticed that the whole side of my quad where i pinned was swollen and SLIGHTLY warm to the touch around the injection site. Soooo, I've dealt with this a few times in the past with Test E...not sure exacly what it is, but I think it must just be a bad pin. Maybe i hit between two big heads of the muscle, or hit the side of a tendon or some such shit. Whatever it was, that whole area is just pissed off! I am not trying to sound like a bitch, but this thing HURT! I've done evil painful stuff to my body many many times, so I'm no stranger to pain...but this was wosre than a cracked rib. Lots Better today!

    Also, this may be the culprit. I pinned yesterday morning, and then within 1/2 hour I had 405 lbs on my back squatting for 10 reps for 3 sets, among the rest of my current leg routine. Looking back, maybe not the best idea, huh?

    So I guess I need to give the Tren another try and lay off the leg work immediately afterward. I mean, I guess i thought working the muscle would help with the sorenes but maybe that much pressure can cause some evil shit to happen to my happy little oil depot?

    I'll know tomorrow. Going to hit my delt this time. Hope its smoother
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    Big_paul Member Supporter

    i've used alot of tren bro and never had much pain. i suspect that the alcohol content is too high. use different site to inject each time. using delts , quads and glutes you will hit each site every 2 weeks. that plenty of time for each site to recover.
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    newbie23 Member i said.........tren is 1 of the easiest to should not should take note of that regarding the lab your using.......if they cant make tren painless..........:eek:
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    jmills Member

    Even Tren Acetate? I guess I kind of associate the difference between Tren A and Tren E as analogous to the difference between Test P and Test E. I've done zero research, just assumed that the faster acting esthers would be at least moderately more painful. Now with prop, I've had both painless and painful, and I always thought that if it didnt hurt it wasnt really prop, or at least not high quality prop. But hey, I have an ME....math I can handle but chemistry aint my thing ;)

    I will run the stuff I have and see how it goes. Leg is still swollen and still hurts...but at a 3-4/10 vs 7/10 so maybe I'll at least be able to sleep tonight.
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    jmills Member

    Yeah, thats what I figure...I sub ventro-glute for glutes, I cant reach far enough around my big ass :eek: and pinning EOD that puts me 13 days between injection injection in each site. This is a new lab I'm trying out...might be the last time I use them. Thanks for the 411.
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    newbie23 Member

    sorry for long post-only way i can explain it. the lower the melting point for gear, the easier it is to suspend. PROP hurts cause it crashes in the muscle. some labs suspend it better than others and concentration plays a big role in it. deca is the fasest ive seen at melting in the oven-first time i did it it blew me away. tren is real easy too BTW. anything under a 100 is pretty easy. the higher the melting point the more BB and EO i would use to ensure solubility. sounds like the just threw it together. not sayng it wont work or wont be good, but if it hurts-that tells me they do not put alot of time or thoght into it.

    Melting points by DOCJ

    Androstanolone- 5a-ANDROSTAN-17b-OL-3-ONE
    (SAME AS 5a-Dihydrotestosterone)
    melting point= 177-182C
    molecular weight= 290.40
    rotation= +33 c=1 CHCL3

    Boldenone- 1,4-ANDROSTADIEN-17B-OL-3-ONE
    melting point= 167-172C
    molecular weight= 286.40
    rotation= +22 CHCL3

    melting point=
    molecular weight=

    CLOMIFENE CITRATE-2-(p- (2-chloro-1,2-diphenylvinyl)phenoxy) triethylamine citrate (1:1)
    melting point= 116.5C
    molecular weight= 598.09

    melting point= 187-188C
    molecular weight= 322.89
    rotation= +150 CHLF

    melting point= 149-153C
    molecular weight= 304.36
    rotation= +32 MeOH

    letrozole-4,4'-(1H-1,2,4 -Triazol-1-ylmethylene) dibenzonitrile
    melting point= 184-185C
    molecular weight= 285.31

    melting point= 202-206C
    molecular weight= 304.36
    rotation= =18 CHCL3

    melting point= 162-164C
    molecular weight= 300.42
    rotation= +0 CHCL3

    melting point= 164-165C
    molecular weight=
    rotation= +58 CHLF

    METHYL testosterone
    melting point= 162-167c
    molecular weight= 302.46

    melting point= 122-125C
    molecular weight= 274.38
    rotation= +56 C=1 CHCL3

    melting point= 89-93C
    molecular weight= 316.41
    rotation= +49 C=1 CHCL3

    melting point= 170-175C
    molecular weight= 378.49
    rotation= +104 C=1 CHCL3

    melting point= 30-35C
    molecular weight= 428.63

    melting point= 92-96C
    molecular weight= 406.54
    rotation= +58 C=1 CHCL3

    melting point= 55-60C
    molecular weight= 330.45
    rotation= +41 C=1 CHCL3

    melting point= 235-238C

    melting point= 177-180C
    molecular weight= 332.47
    rotation= +38 ETOH

    melting point= 207C
    molecular weight= 416-.59

    melting point prisms= 228-242C (235C)
    melting point needles= 155C
    molecular weight= 328.42
    rotation= +36 CHCL3

    melting point= 298-300C
    molecular weight= 389.41
    roatation= [a]20D: +70 DEG to +73 DEG

    tamoxifen CITRATE- 2-[4-1,2-Diphenyl-1-Butenyl)
    melting point= 143-146C
    molecular weight= 563.65

    melting point= 154-155C
    molecular weight= 288.4
    rotation= +102 degrees C=1 CHCL3

    melting point=140-144C
    molecular weight=330.45
    rotation= +59 C=1 ACETONE

    melting point=191-196C
    molecular weight=392.52
    rotation= +155 C=1 CHCL3

    melting point=98-102C
    molecular weight=412.59
    rotation= +87 C=1 CHCL3

    melting point=32-36C
    molecular weight=400.61
    rotation= +84 C=1 CHCL3

    melting point=47-49C
    molecular weight=
    rotation= +72 DIOXANE

    melting point=124-128C
    molecular weight=358.50

    melting point=53-55C
    rotation= +86 CHLF

    melting point=106-109C
    molecular weight=372.53
    rotation= +92 C=1 CHCL3

    melting point=115-116C
    rotation= +98 CHLF

    melting point=118-122C
    molecular weight=344.50
    rotation= +86 C=1 DIOXANE

    TESTOSTERONE UNDECANOATE- 4-Androsten-17b-ol-3-one 17-undecanoate
    melting point=
    molecular weight=

    trenbolone acetate-
    melting point= 94-97C

    turinabol- 4-ANDROSTEN-4-CHLORO-17b-OL-3-ONE 17-ACETATE
    melting point= 225-230C
    molecular weight= 364.89
    rotation= =118 CHCL3
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    jmills Member

    Newb, that really clears things up for me. Thanks for posting that...this makes sense to me.
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    newbie23 Member

    no problem bro-there is more to it than that-but im still learning myself-but that is the basic rundown.

    notice the letro-thats why its easier to suspend it in pure alcohol
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