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    Ok asking for help I took tren e with test cyp for my 1st cycle gained 25lbs in 10 weeks. But I no longer have contact with my source. So I decided to make Tren Ace now that I have made it I do not have a test to take with it my question is will I see any results only taking Tren Ace without taking any test?
  2. Run Test with every cycle. Period.
    Btw, you're in the wrong section, and don't ask for a Test source or we'll toss you out on your ass. :D
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    Didn't really know where to post it sorry new to this site. And I obviously wouldn't ask for a source I'm not that dumb:) well I guess I'll have to make my own test pro too as confusing as it seems to make
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  4. You'd be surprised what new guys ask for sometimes.
    We have a home brew section here, and a handful of extremely knowledgeable members that can help you.

    Check it out. If you still have questions about brewing Test, just ask there. You shouldn't have any trouble getting an answer.
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    Ok thank ya sir
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