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Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by prodigy06, Oct 13, 2008.

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    prodigy06 Junior Member

    I hear if you take tren ace a lone (i.e. without test of any kind) you wont really gain a lot of mass but you will get stronger and harden up. Why is this? Cows gain a lot of mass on tren only, why don't humans?
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    MrBman Junior Member

    honestly bro, i dont think the thing about tren not building much muscle but giving huge strength gains is true ... i think it gives very dry, very lean gains ... strength shoots up first obviously - takes about 2weeks to start seeing results ... i usually find that muscle gains follow a short while after strength gains ...

    People like myself tend to drop fat while on tren ... i become leaner, very quickly ... i think a lot of people think of gains only int erms of weight on the scale ... which isnt gonna appear to show crazy results ... if you go from 200 at 15percent bodyfat to 205 at 12percent bodyfat, gains might not seem significant ... but in terms of lean muscle they will be ...

    obviously adding test is going to promote better gains for a wide range or reasons .... and im sure you already know this, running tren alone probably isnt the best idea
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    Mr. Shoulders

    Mr. Shoulders Junior Member

    tren alone will put on quality mass...It just takes a while longer and you will possibly have progesterone issues to deal with...
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    advanced-stealth Junior Member

    Stated well.

    I would at least add a low dose test, then none at all.
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    dennis Member all means..low dose test prop ! And remember..cows are female,they do not need low dose test..but we are guys,except for that transsexual who was on here the other day:cool:
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    andysutils Member

    thanks for that dennis, you just made my hernia op a whole lot more urgent
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    solo47 Member

    prolactin? (or both)?

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    Mr. Shoulders

    Mr. Shoulders Junior Member

    Possibly both...Not worth the risk IMO...Add the test and no worries...usually

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