Tren and eating enough proteins.

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    Guys I need a bit of help
    In figuring out how can I eat enough protein on tren.

    I love tren, it's such a great compound, makes magic to bad it kills my appetite. No matter what!
    But it kill only my appetite for protein. Meat fish or whatever. I could eat carbs all day long no problem.

    I need few ideas of how to invest protein easily. I just can't eat chicken anymore. I puke if I try or feel sick. I need to drink those damn protein in some ways. I tried to blend the chicken but it's still painful. I'm increasing my shake but I don't like whey protein much. I would much prefer to eat real food even if in liquid form.

    Any idea? Any recipes?
    I wanted to recomp on this tren run but I'm only cutting because Damn it I can't even reach maintenance calories! :(

    At least I got a nice six pack now lol
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  2. Drop the chicken breast or fish or turkey if you're eating those.

    Eat red-meats and cholesterol based foods (whole eggs), and incorporate whole milk if you tolerate lactose well.

    FWIW I made red meat the staple of my diet about a week ago and I have to say the improvement is noticeable - full with little water retention, and recovery is through the fucking roof in the gym. I'm blown away by what I can do now with dramatically less fatigue.

    Very easy to hit calories with these foods.

    Chicken breast fucking sucks. Tastes like cardboard, and if you eat it all the time without lots of carbs coming in you look flat as shit, whereas red meat can have me looking full with even minimal carbs.

    Now the only problem is, believe it or not, I have no appetite for carbs. No desire for white rice which has always been a staple. Mashed potatoes with each meal is working nicely though.

    Base diet looks like this at the moment:

    +/- 1.2-2lbs steak per day (Sirloin or Cap off rib steak)
    800g Potatoes (mashed) with or without 4 cups (cooked) white rice
    12 whole eggs and 4.5 cups skim milk

    Still adjusting it so I can gain, but it's looking good so far. Feel better too.
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    I live on shakes with tren. Then I barf them up, and swallow them down. Then I barf all the way. Then I drink another shake. The appetite reduction is horrible, it's like the shit shrinks my stomach to the size of a walnut. It's actually the most annoying side. . .

    The flip side is that it doesn't seem to matter for shit what I eat. As soon as the tren kicks, my scale weight freezes. And I keep getting leaner. Deficit or surplus (puking and all, shit you not).

    Currently blasting 800eq on 600 test, with 75/day var. Trying to decide if the tren comes in before the NPP or not. Probably should wait until after the NPP, but the quick leaning sounds good right now. It's beach, and pussy destruction season here. Not sure if I want this cut to go for another ten weeks though. And honestly not looking forward to the tren. Feel like I need a live in girlfriend before I even pin it. . .

    Feel your pain, and dreading it myself!
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  4. As a follow up to my previous post, here's a great video by one of my favorite people in the bb'ing/strength world, Stan Efferding. He talks about animal fats and proteins in regards to athletes development and even the health component of these foods. Give it a listen if you have the time.

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    Great post. 1,000 likes. Shit, I thought everyone had figured this out by now. Chicken breast is fucking horrible. No reason to eat that trash meat when running tren.

    London broil, pork chops, and a couple of ribeyes when I'm feeling rich. About 2lb/day, with lots of fruit, and shakes between. Pretty much my tren diet. Caloric density is huge with the compound. All calories are your friend with that shit.

    If I'm on tren, I can't even stand the smell of BSCB. I'll force it down natty or on just test, but won't touch it when the appetite is off. I'll eat fish once a week, just as a refresher. A light meal is nice one in a while.
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    Wish I had your eating problems on tren. I am the opposite. I am standing next to food and thinking I will eat you mofo oh yes I will, as long as I can fit you in the mouth, you are going down to tren tummy town ...
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    Problem with red meat is that it's full of fat. So I go over my total fat without reaching the total protein goal for the day :(

    tren is just awesome I don't have any acid reflux on it, is just the appetite that's non existent I mean I can skip meal after meal without even noticing... I have to remember to eat every fucking time. When in normality I'm thinking about food every damn second.

    It's true that it doesn't matter what I eat... I'm having a cheat day eod and I'm
    Not gaining weight neither fat. I'm losing fat : /

    But I need to keep proteins high I can't continue to feed on carbs without at least 250-300grs of protein.

    Thanks for chime in guys, I appreciated your help.

    I'll try adding more red meat, I'm
    Not to happy about eating lots of red meat because it's not too healthy for the studies that I have read around (cancer and all that stuff, if they are true...).

    Do you have any recipes for blending solid food and make
    It nice and drinkable? I almost never used whey protein. Now I'm having 5 shakes a day
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  8. Depends on what kind of red meat you're eating. I actually generally like the higher fat kind because it's more calorie dense and much easier to eat and quite cheap (cap off rib steak).

    I have several pounds of sirloin steak in my freezer and some in my fridge and this has quite a bit less fat than the rib steak, it's about 14g of fat for 27g of protein.

    These foods are fantastic for growth. If you have whey then you can easily adjust intake of foods so your overall fat intake doesn't get too high while still getting in enough protein. For instance, whole eggs are an excellent source of ArA which plays a big role in growth / recovery. Example, effecting ArA metabolism is how EPA w/ DHA supplements are able to lower inflammation (the anti-inflammatory effect of fish oil) but this process is actually useful since inflammation is a necessary part of growth and repair following a training bout. Milk is great too. I could go on.

    I would be interested in knowing more about the effects eating like this would have on lipids and heart health, if anyone with insight could chime in on that. My understanding is that the dietary cholesterol > cholesterol in your heart hypothesis is contentious and flawed? I'm not overly concerned about the cancer thing, at least not right now. It's not like most of us will be eating like this our entire lives, I'm sure after a while we'll dial things back.
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    In that case you get most of the fat from saturate source... No olive oil? What about the mono and poli fats?

    I do agree that there are leaner piece of red meat I know them well. I'll try to substitute half of the chicken etc with red meat and maybe go with eggs for a while on the other half and using whey to adjust the total intake.

    Why I can't eat like a mofo on tren for fuck sake! It's the only time when you can eat like a pig and really shine.... :((

    Last time I couldn't even finish the steak I ordered :( but then I had space for dessert and 2
    Icecream ahahahah
  10. I've never really paid attention to mono/poly ratio. No direct sources except from using things like coconut oil in food or cooking with different "high-end" oils from time to time. The rest is indirect from whatever is in the foods I eat or prepare.

  11. WC said it right ....drop the chicken , double the beef . Thats why keto works so well on tren . The body will convert the beef fat to energy . No one hates chicken breast more than me . I OD"d on chicken a few years back on Keto and never really recovered , it happens . Same with eggs . I force myself now to eat them...
  12. photo (14).JPG Steak w/ white cheddar . tren food !
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    I'm not on keto though... But i'll mix beef and white eggs shake plus whey and see if I can Make it.

    I feel sick on keto with tren. I keep finding myself in hypoglycaemia all the time especially at night.
    I need those carbs but I need the protein more :))

    Today I try to blend one peach, 500ml of white eggs, a bit of peanut butter and ice/water. Let's see how it goes.
  14. Believe it or not Sampei , you need more fats . I keep California Olive Ranch olive oil and Coconut fat just for this . As you lower the carbs start upping the good fats...
    photo (7).JPG
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    A creative blend of 2 great foods. I agree with the posts above include red meat. I ate several pounds of prime rib yesterday, and I expect to tear it up in the gym today.

    If you eat the same foods too much it's hard to eat.
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    I do use fats, mainly extra virgin oil :) you know Italy ehehe :)
    I'm not cutting anymore ATM. I reached my goal I want to get back to bulk but very slowly. More a recomp. So I'm
    Keeping carb at moderate 200grs max.
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  18. I dont bulk well on tren , never works for me because I cant eat enough . Deca/test or just plain medium/high dose testosterone is all I use for bulking . And lots of cottage cheese !
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    I'm trying :( because tren has such a strong partitioning effect that I feel it really can build
    Muscle at a great pace. Problem is being able to eat enough :)

    I don't like the swole wet look of deca (even if it's cool how you feel with a shirt on ahah) so
    I wanted to see if I could do kinda of a real lean bulk. 2-3kgs of real muscle each cycle. No
    Big increase in weight etc. Small steady gains.

    I'll have probably to get back to deca/test for bulk but let's keep trying for this cycle If I can make it using tren :)

    Of course food determines if you bulk or not, I well know it but different AAS give you a different look while bulking/cutting
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