Tren anger

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by djewrek, Jun 18, 2019.

  1. djewrek

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    Running some tren now and I’m looking for advice on what to help with mood. I feel like I’m on the verge of ripping every human head off all the time. Any help?
  2. Eman

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    Take less or stop taking it.
  3. johntt44

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    Yeah, I dont get that. I think it's in your head not the tren.
  4. djewrek

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    No tren definitely can make you angry it’s not in my head. It’s a thing. I heard prami can help, any thoughts?
  5. bambam333

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    I’ve taken caber and all that but don’t think it helped with the edginess. You just have to stop and remember it’s the tren
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  6. EazyE

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    At the end of the day just be responsible for your actions on or off gear. There are lots of raging assholes that don’t use gear! If you don’t like the feeling Tren gives there are other options. But don’t be one of those guys that uses it as an excuse to vent anger inappropriately.
  7. LeoTC

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    I had to abort my first run after about two weeks due to illness. But while I was on I didn't notice ANY psychological sides at all.

    And honestly?

    I've multiple diagnosed disorders, one in particular that's known for extreme mood shifts. Really don't buy into the Tren rage at all after that experience.

    But if that's what you're attributing your behaviour to, just get off the stuff and move on.

    If you wind up losing your shit, "Tren made me do it," isn't a valid excuse to the people you hurt or in a courtroom.

    You just wind up making us all look bad because you couldn't handle your shit.

    Simple as that.
  8. bolder

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    Tren can alter your mood I believe. If your mood isn’t something you can adjust while on it then don’t take more drugs to help with it.
    I can be a dick on Tren no doubt but I can check myself and be rational in any situation.
    As @Eman suggested your best bet would be to lower the dose or completely come off.
    Tren is always different each time I run it. Sometimes it agrees with me and sometimes it doesn’t. You have to decide if it’s working for you and if not there’s always next time, or find another compound that agrees with you and your goals!
    Be smart, stay safe bro! :)
  9. If its that bad id say to switch compounds or stop taking it. Had some slight anger and moodiness on tren but nothing super bad. If you have a s/o and family/friends, a job thats worth keeping ive heard people destroy all of that due to tren, just wouldnt chance it man. Best of luck
  10. Omegistosalex

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    Ι doubt it can change you so much. You probably read online that it causes anger and you are blowing it out of proportion.or you were already an asshole before tren.
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  11. Omegistosalex

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    Btw if you want to stop being agitated and trying to rip people's heads of, go and pick a fight at a boxing gym. Getting knocked out will be a humbling experience...
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  12. iceman440

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    Damn man, don’t let something else control you. You are bigger than that

    Lower the dosage or jump off of it. tren is fantastic, but it’s not for everyone , and that’s ok.
  13. Eman

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    The first time that I took tren, I built up to what I would deem a completely excessive dose. Arguably an irresponsible dose.

    I had heard time and time again about tren rage and I just wanted to test the waters to see what would happen. I also wanted to see if I could judge diminishing returns. Would I become Phil Heath? Would I become a serial killer? I was curious what would happen.

    I got a little bit irritable at the top end of what I went up to and there was definitely a point of diminishing returns, far far below what I eventually went up to.

    What I learned from that cycle was something I really already knew... a drugs side effects are correlated to the dose. If you are angry on 600mg of tren... you could probably take 300mg and not be fucking angry. IF the tren was making you angry to begin with because I am confident that a lot of tren rage legends are made up of lore and the placebo effect... roid rage is a romanticized "side effect" in the gear use community.

    TL;DR: take less tren, you'll get less of whatever side effect you're experiencing. Yes, I know "less" isn't the answer most are looking for... we don't always get the answers we want.
  14. rubisean

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    I have said many times if you are normally a dick you will be a dick on gear.
    If you are chill off gear you will be chill on gear.

    At least that is the way I am, don't blame the gear.
  15. 88GENERAL88

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    I usually take my own advice but I don’t use narcotics anymore but if you don’t have a substance abuse issue, valium or klonopin can really be helpful. The other advice I would give is the same as @Eman. I just finished a prison term from almost ending and mans life because of my irresponsible use of the substance and lack of self control. It’s good that your are able to stop and reflect on how it is effecting you in this negative way. So for that I applaud you. Just know you could end up doing the thing, that you picture yourself doing, and not being able to hit the stop button. Trust and believe, tren is extremely powerful, and Has a tendency to take people to the point of no return, extremely quick without having time to think. So before you see red and charge, like the animal the drug was intended for. Think about if it’s really worth it.
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  16. johntt44

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    No, it's something people read on the internet and then think they have it. Seriously? Angry? Nah....
  17. 88GENERAL88

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    Dude it doesn’t make someone angry. It amplifies your emotions. 5times more than testosterone does. That’s It. If it made people angry no one would take it. Would you pay for something, knowing that it was going to upset you, I mean other than your chick. Lol
  18. 350lift

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    The amount of users that downplay the way a drug can effect a mental state... ya marijuana doesn’t make u laugh at everything u already thought that was funny, antidepressants don’t actually work you just get happy at the same time u took the pill..

    Most steroids don’t have a rage problem, but tren? Uh ya. You’re way more likely to snap off quick and blow things out of proportion. Halotestin makes me hate everything and superdrol, Jesus superdrol really really throws me. But Anadrol test ? No problem. Aggression is an androgenic trait. Some are effected by it more than others.

    Just because it doesn’t happen to you doesn’t mean it’s the same for everyone else. I’m all for proving the media wrong about steroids but atleast lets be honest about the facts. And that is that it effects everyone differently
  19. Iron Frenchie

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    This is what’s happens after to much tren and when you inject it straight into your belly button.
  20. johntt44

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    Anti depressants are supposed to make you happy. Marijuana gets you high. Tren makes your muscles grow. Its main purpose isnt anger/rage. Analogy way off....I'm sure in some people it makes it a little worse but wanna rip peoples heads off? I call bs....I have taken large doses and I can be a prick but tren doesnt make me act any differently.