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Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Preacher, May 28, 2007.

  1. Preacher

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    could tren be taking with Test?

    I know someone on Test E 600mg/w and wants to know if Tren could be added too it? or just wait for time?
  2. RexRegum27

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    of course tren can be taken with test, in fact it is a must. now let me preface this by saying I myself have never taken tren, but my friends have, and I read, so I can tell you from what I know. now in terms of which tren, i think that if your friend is already using a long acting ester like test e, then it is better to go with tren e. however, most would prefer tren a cause if the side effects become to overwhelming then one could just stop without waiting a couple of weeks for the sides to leave the body. so if he is going to do it with test e then tren e should be used. (make sure to take some bromo). however, i would tell him to wait and do a cycle of test prop with tren a. this can be a nice 8 week cutting cycle. just my two cents.
  3. HDH

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    It is fine to run tren with Test. I wouldn't worry to much about running an anti-prolactin with it unless Deca is added then Caber would be the best choice. Tren E would be fine to run. The dose for a first time Tren user should be low so the longer ester will be fine. Run it at 275 to 350mg a week. The guys with the bad sides usually run it too high to start with and they don't know what they can handle yet.

  4. jsupstarz

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    Of course.