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Discussion in 'Steroid Cycle Log' started by Jfmontalvo, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. Jfmontalvo

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    I’m doing tren ace 100 mg and test prop 100, twice a week, mondays and Thursdays.

    It’s that good or it’s better pinning EOD?
  2. Wunderpus

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  3. At the very least, M/W/F. Not sure if that low of a dose is going to do much, but hell, run with it for a bit and if it isn't enough, you'll have time to bump it up.
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    ^what sweet tits said.
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  5. Jfmontalvo

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    Ok but if i keep it this way, im wasting it?
  6. Dr. Savage

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    Pretty much. Is this your first cycle? If so do 400-500 mg a week
  7. Dr. Savage

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    Of test only ***
  8. Apopkared

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    You could pin m/w/f of 75mg each. That’s what a lot of guys here do at first and then as your cycle progresses then you can bump it up to 100. Good luck
  9. tenpoundsleft

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    Try test at 250 per week and tren at 350 per week. Test at 125mg twice weekly injections, Tren Ace at 100mg EOD. Should be a nice cycle that's not overdoing anything.

    If it's your very first ever cycle, just run test at 400-500 per week to learn how that feels.
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  10. MaskedLiberty

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    50mg of each eod day for 2-3 weeks then bump up, no reason to go in high...only asking for issues. Not everyone reacts the same way to tren, I tend to be on the sensitive side but some guys can handle alot of it.
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