Tren E and Test E, dosage?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by cantell, Aug 6, 2011.

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    cantell Junior Member

    Ok, plan on running Test and tren E coming up here soon. I had it planned to do Test @ 500mg a week for 12 weeks and the Tren @ 400mg for 10 weeks.

    My question is, I recently heard that Test and Tren will fight for receptors, so you should lower the dosage of Test and let the Tren do the work...Any truth to this? It was suggested I do something more like 300mg of Test a week and then the 400mg of tren...
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    Reinheart Member

    I have never heard of that before. For sure, tren binds better to the AR than test does. I would run the cycle the way you have planned it.

    If you have never run tren e but i suggest you use a lower dosage.
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    Fulano Junior Member

    tren is a potent Class I steroid, and Test is mixed-activity. They combine well.

    I agree with Reineart. I would run them exactly the way you have planned.

    I did an 8 week cycle of Tren Ace and Test Cyp and it was really and truly an awesome combination. I gained around 30 lbs total (including bloat) and i retained over 20 lbs of that. And my strength increased dramatically. I went up something like 70 lbs on my bench press.
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