Tren e mast e test c summer cutter. DosAge critique

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    just got done running 14 week bulk test e deca and some Anadrol for 5 weeks mid cycle.
    Got tren e mast e n test cyp for cutter. Would like input and thought on dosage.
    Was going to do
    600 tren e/wk 12. 400mg tren e/wk 10
    600 maste/wk12
    250test cyp/wk12
    Winnie tabs not sure if I will use

    So my question is will I see more Benifits from 600mg tren week compare to 400mg tren a week with this set up.Current stats 5’11 200lbs bf12? Age 31.
  2. Not sure what your experiences are with the compounds are in the past or how well your body tolerates tren. The only difference I’ve found really that stood out to me from running any more than 525mg/w and 700mg/w were the sides. Maybe strength was a bit higher? Nothing I could really tell the difference drastically between doses from. My sleep was a lot worse I definitely needed more sleep and getting more really wasn’t an option at that point and so was my irritability. That much did stand out to me. I made just as good progress off of the lower dose as I did running it higher. If and when I run it again same thing running the lower dose. It’s a great compound especially when diet is in check and training is disciplined as well.

    Keeping the test low was along the same lines as I did. Bit above what would be considered a TRT dose. Would keep the mast at 600mg/w. When it comes to the tren I would run the lower dose. If you really feel the need to during cycle you can always up it. But 400mg/w is a pretty solid dose and given proper diet and training should suit you nicely paired along side the mast and test.
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    Yea I think I will keep it at 400 for the tren. Rather save the rest.
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    Running a very similar cycle so interested to follow your journey. I'm running TestC 400, TrenE 600, MastE600 and will add winnie tabs last 5 weeks or so. Sorry, not trying to hijack your thread
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    Nice yea I throw up some pics where I’m at before and then a couple during this cycle
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    Is this your first tren run @Eman45? I would stick with 400 and see how te sides are. Id REALLY go with Ace if possible though. Most people I know can't tolerate Tren E sides for whatever reason. Must have something to do with the half life.
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    I ran tren ace from 24k. The tren e I have is from tsl. This would be my 3rd run. Did some of the tren e last year 400mg ten weeks was not bad. Just didn’t want to waste it running 600 if it wasn’t going to be worth it. More is not better that I no. Kinda upped doses on cycle I just got off of n really didn’t get much from it. My cals where not high enough. So pretty much went to waste in my opinion. Was going to expire soon so was like fk it let’s see how it goes. But I have 4 bottles of tren e. I can turn that into two cycles instead of blowing it all now.