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  1. gear shef

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    tren E / NPP BLEND

    I’m not asking if it’s a good idea. Just wondering if y’all think it will hold.

    Per ml:
    100mg Npp
    75mg Tren e

    2/20 (BA/BB)
    Carrier MCT

    Do you think it will hold or should I add EO to the mix.
  2. gear shef

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  3. kap73

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    it would hold no dramas, but thats a poor choice in esters imo. what is ur pin schedule for that blend?

    tren A would be more suitable as its a short ester
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  4. gear shef

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    No pin schedule. Brewing for a buddy and that’s what he said he wanted based on what I have available at the moment.

    He wants 200ml. So I was going to brew it like this:

    15g TREN E (12.75ml displacement)
    20g NPP (17ml displacement)
    40ml BB (20%)
    4ml BA (2%)
    126ish ml MCT

    So you think it will hold no problems?
  5. kap73

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    yeh i cant see there being a problem with it hold to be honest. im no expert tho, let us know how it goes
  6. Dr JIM

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    Who cares if it holds if a particular mixture is of limited anabolic benefit.

    Blends of esters or parent compounds, are rarely used in medical practice and for good reason, the disadvantages outweigh the advantages.

    And the mixing of two 19-nor compounds is a classic example
    of what I’m referring to.

    To that end many UGL offer blended products to enhance SALES, nothing more or less.

    And bc of the challenges posed when AAS with different solubilities are mixed, I wouldn’t be surprised if a single compound is what MOST receive in the mail.
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  7. kap73

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    good point, i didnt even think of the 2 19nors
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  8. gear shef

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    Just to play devils advocate. How would it be of limited anabolic benefit mg for mg.

    Let’s say an individual gains we’ll on 600mg of nandrolone.

    I agree that if the same individual adds additional trenbolone to an already effective program it may be a waste. Although not be deleterious.

    However if he chose to do 600mg of 19nor compounds but splitting it 50/50 nandrolone/trenbolone 300mg/300mg vs 600mg nandrolone alone. I don’t see how this could be any worse than using nandrolone alone and may be of potential benefit to the user.
  9. Dr JIM

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    First since the raw source is somewhere in China there’s no telling what is being mixed, the ester usef or their concentration, UNLESS analytical testing was conducted.

    Second the risk of contamination increases each time a raw is toyed with

    Third - there’s no way to “undo” a mixture and that has several disadvantages such as KNOWING which adverse effects are due to what compound

    Bla, bla, bla

    So what about the most frequently cited rationale for combining AAS, a reduction in
    pinning frequency, NOPE bc the half lives of all but long chain esters such as undecylenate limit
    peak levels to bt 12 - 48 hours with the net effect often being higher peaks and lower troughs

    And the latter is the reason Sustanon is rarely used in medical practice today.

    Bottom line mixtures only serve to further complicate the endless unknowns of PEDS use IME.
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  10. gear shef

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    I agree with most of what you said. However none of that translates to efficacy. Whether combining the two in one cycle, as a blend or not would be less or more advantageous to simply using one 19nor.
  11. Dr JIM

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    Define efficacy in this (your) context and how such an effect would be objectively quantified.
  12. gear shef

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    Efficacy should be clearly defined in the question itself. You said the combination of two 19nor compounds has limited anabolic effect.

    My point is that combining two 19nor is not a bad idea mg for mg.

    200mg Test with 600mg deca


    200mg Test with 300mg tren / 300mg deca

    Is the second option less effective based on your statement that it would be of limited anabolic benefit.

    Or maybe I took your statement out of context. I simply don’t see a problem with combining two 19nor compounds. I think such recommendations are old school dogma and not backed by any evidence. Remember I’m talking mg for mg. Not simply stacking two 19nor with their average dose.
  13. gear shef

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    And any individual in their own n=1 could objectively quantify their results by experimenting with the two cycles
  14. superbane

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    LOL wow smh
  15. Dr JIM

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    A “study” of ONE experimenter is called a bro science, and is anything but objective.

    The reasons should be obvious
    as a variety of other unaccounted for factors influence the results of any AAS compound such as; diet, exercise routine, hydration status, E-2 levels, product quality, presence of other supplements, ancillary compounds, user psyche/motivation, etc, etc.
  16. superbane

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    @gear shef sorry your thread got fucked up.
    I've never seen a blend like that on any list of any reputable ugl over the years.

    Never any ester of nan & tren in a blend.

    Yet I have seen plenty of times over and over through out the years seen many guys running two 19nors for various bodybuilding purposes.

    A blend may not have any medical purpose but 95% of people using steroids for medical purposes will be using some form of testosterone. Not nandrolone or trenbolone ...

    I'm assuming I am on a bodybuilding forum albeit a harm reduction one yet a bodybuilding forum nonetheless?
    Not a medical forum correct?
    Clearly I am in the subforum of this board correct? "Steroid homebrew" correct?

    @ChestRockwell even made mention in the last part of the science of trenbolone series:

    "Because of trenbolone’s unique impacts on glucocorticoids, and consequently insulin sensitivity, I currently feel a strong case could be made that it can be a useful hormone to run alongside GH+insulin. My personal favorite use of trenbolone tends to be in this very fashion, using a very modest amount during a growth phase alongside either nandrolone or testosterone. Many years ago, I jokingly coined the phrase “golden growth stack” when attempting to describe how well I looked and felt on a TRT + modest trenbolone + higher nandrolone based stack design. Even though I was largely being flippant at the time, it still tends to be the basic methodology I use in a lot of growth stack designs."

    I myself am a fan of Testosterone, Trenbolone and masteron short esters in a blend.
    It gives a nice base in a 1ml inj to build your dosages from. I usually keep a vials of each individual compound on hand to adjust the dosage accordingly if I so decide.

    Usually in a 2:1:1 fashion Test,Tren,Mast.

    Now none of this shit answers your questions either and again I apologize for that.

    Yet a Base.(test/eq) A 19nor, and a DHT to me and this is just my opinion not only have snynergy but should be the anchors of any cycle outside of those recommended for beginners.

    Hence why I brought up the blend I oh so enjoy.

    Yet you are talking about two 19nors in a blend.

    What is the goal? What is the function of each compound in this stack? How many mg of this compound do you need to reach this goal or for the compound to serve its purpose? Can both those amounts (mg) be held in ratio in a blend?

    @ChestRockwell had a thread although I do not believe it was on this forum about stack design this was in particular interesting.

    Anyways the closest I can give you to an answer on making blends is I know of a guy who had test tren mast hold with a 2/20 ratio total of all three compounds was 200mg. Yes all three compounds were in the vial. The purity of these compounds were unknown but they each were what they were supposed to be.

    Try making 20ml worth and see if it will hold.
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  17. Iron Vett

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    I like to throw in a little tren with a test and npp cycle. A light amount of tren, such as 50mg eod adds aggression which I find is somewhat diminished when I use npp.