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    Here’s my cycle I’ve been on for 6 weeks

    W1-2: Test P 100 MG EOD
    W1-2: Test E 750 MG WK
    W1-2: tren E 750 MG WK
    W1-2: Anadrol 50MG ED
    W3-12: Tren E 500 MG WK
    W3-12: Test E 500 MG WK

    Starting stats coming off of a 6 months off and no gym due to injury.

    15% BF
    32 Waist

    Here’s my results so far.

    W1: Gain in strength 3 pounds added by end of week 178 15%. Not holding Watter yet
    W2: 8 pounds gained holding some watter. Strength up. Nipples tingly taking nolva to counter gyno sides. 186 15%
    W3: 4 pounds up 15.5% BF. Retaining some watter. PR at start of cycle is now 7 rep max. 190
    W4: 3 pounds up gain in strength. If I eat a lot of carbs Tren sweats are very prevalent with my room temp at 67 and fan on. 193 15%
    W5: ate like shit no cardio this week. Up 5 pounds but feeling a lot fatter. Still stronger tho. Precycle PR is now a 8 rep max. 198 LB 16.5% BF

    Considering cutting for the rest of the cycle since I’m up 23 ish pounds or running body recomp. I still have some muscle memory to work with as well I feel like I could cut right now and get stronger with adequate protein intake and the Tren. Anyone use Anadrol while cutting before?

    My thought on the front load. I overdid it a little with the test P ontop I probably could of got away with 50-75MG EOD and the Anadrol but the Tren gave the desired effect. Test was fIne but I had the nipple pain for a few days.
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    How tall are you?
    You started at the same weight as me, any chance of some before and after pics?

    Many use Anadrol while cutting because it supresses appetite for some
  3. Instead of just deciding to cut the rest of the cycle why not just pull back on your carbs a bit. Stick where your at and tighten up for a few weeks. Make a visual re-evaluation in a couple weeks and go from there to continue “cutting” or start pushing the food harder again..

    Add some daily cardio in if your not already. Doesn’t have to be anything crazy 30min 5 days a week or something. Pull back maybe 50g of carbs per day. Keep hitting weights hard and staying consistent.
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    I’m 5’10 on the dot. I’m not really bothered by appetite. I’d send before and after pics but I’m covered in identifying tattoos.
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    I like this plan that’s what I think I’ll do. My other thought was to cut back the carbs by 25, nearly cut out fat, do a 2 week Anadrol blast again with the test and tren, then go into full recomp.
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  6. I honestly don’t think you need to cut fats down that low. Your gonna want them for energy throughout the day. Try just pulling the carbs back. Keep everything else the same. Add some cardio if your not already. Give it a couple weeks to take effect and go from there.
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    Cutting my carbs, adding some cardio, throwing in a 18 day Anadrol 50mg/day trying to get over this 200 pounds. I keep fluctuateing
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    Had to discontinue Anadrol after some intense GI problems and cramping. I’m predisposed to liver problems and every time I run anadrol I rarely get a week in without getting bad sides. Down to 191 pounds. All my Max’s are goin up so I’m assuming I’m recomping rating maintenance.
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    If my maxes and PRs are still going up but I’m dropping weight am I recomping and just lossing bodyfat or is the glycogen levels just doing the work for me?
  10. Well if your strength is increasing and weight is dropping that seems like the goal, no? What’s the mirror telling you aside from what the scale reads.???
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    Mirror looks like I’m lossing some BF but it could be watter weight. Definitely should of hit my abs harder during my bulk.
  12. Honestly bro when I’m aiming to add mass and I’m in a surplus I don’t train abs much whatsoever. I go a lot of heavy-moderate compound movements which imo are the best thing for my core. I’ll normally hit rope crunches, leg raises, and decline crunches maybe twice a week 8 sets total. Now when I’m getting lean yeah sure lll absolutely stimulate that area and work that area more frequently. But if your hitting heavy compounds frequently (deadlift, different squat variations) don’t stress about not training abs.
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    Eat more food if you want to get over the 200 mark...
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    Due to the Anadrol blast having sides I couldn’t deal with I did decide to go into full recomp since I was at 15% already. I’m down to 190 13.5% a week latter. Am running eca stack with it eating maintenance
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    Update 190 13%. All my lifts are the same. Eca makes me not want to eat. Eating way under maintenance. I’d say 1700-1900. Running test at 500 conserving muscle with eca stack? Should I up it to 750?