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Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Damian, Apr 12, 2014.

  1. Damian

    Damian Member

    I'm Italian, sorry for the poor english. I'm going to start a cycle of trenbolone and winstrol enantano both of Vermodje. What do you think of this brand?
    Week 1-8: 30 mg stanover - 100 mg of trenbolone twice a week (200 mg total)
    After a cycle therapy clomid
    This program is for cutting
  2. ChillBill

    ChillBill Member

    This summer I'm gonna try tren A and winny + clen to cut, so I think tren E with winn is good but if your BF is under like 8 to 12% I heard you can also throw in EQ or Mast, but since I think you said its a 8 week cycle EQ is not a good Idea.
    Never tryed the Vermodje brand.
  3. Mike Oxbig

    Mike Oxbig Member

    Why no test? Your tren dose is awful low and 8 weeks is too short for tren e IMO. You would be better off running tren ace.

    Although you're probably not going to experience any ill effects while running 30mg of Winny for 8 weeks, that IS still pretty long for an oral.

    MANWHORE Member

    I'm using tren A and Winny now.. Little Prop today, with them..
    and whatever else winds up in the pin next week..

    Alot of veins.. Feel like my family is on to me :eek:

    I got my back waxed today.. Looks nice.. Felt some pain.. not too bad
  5. carhauler

    carhauler Member

    Are you saying winstrol enantano? I Never knew winstrol could be enantano. I personally think its a good stack. 30mg is fine for first week of stanover then increase It to 40 for week 2 and 50 for week 3-4 then 60mg a day weeks 5-8. The tren should be used at 400mg a week. This cycle with good training and diet you will get some nice hard gains. Good luck
  6. Damian

    Damian Member

    The trenbolone enanthate is. The winstrol is classic. I write because I hurt with the help of google translator. Forgive me.
    Possess a vial of 10 ml of trenbolone 200 mg / ml. And 200 tabs of winstrol (stanover). What do you think of the brand?
    Yes, I also thought of using clenbuterol after this cycle to maintain the results.
  7. Damian

    Damian Member

    The trenbolone is already highly androgenic. You do not think? What type of text would it take? Enatato or proprionate?

    MANWHORE Member

    Use the Test Propionate with the Winstrol every day shots
  9. Reinheart

    Reinheart Member

    You can do a tren and winstrol only cycle but I don't see why you don't want to have a small amount of testosterone in the mix.

    300-400mgs Tren E and 50mgs Winstrol eod for 8 weeks is fine but Tren Ace, Anavar and Test Propionate all together for 8 weeks is a much better cycle IMO.
  10. Damian

    Damian Member

    How to deal with a recovery trenbolone? Only clomid be enough?
  11. write

    write Member

    curious guys. i'm thinking of experimenting with slin pins for
    prop and or winny injects since it is a lighter oil..
    not sure eq would push thru a 29 ? or 28 ? geez 25 takes
    27, 28 , or 29 ?
  12. Damian

    Damian Member

    which could be a recovery?
  13. Damian

    Damian Member

    Up! XD
  14. Damian

    Damian Member

    I have to use proviron during this cycle?
  15. Damian

    Damian Member

    I should start in a week, do you think I should also add testosterone Ena? Or increase the trenbolone? For the recovery should I use proviron during the cycle?
  16. troids

    troids Member

    I have done test E and tren E cycle last year, it was great loved it. I did 500mg test e a week and 400mg tren a week. I am getting ready to run tren and test again, however this time i will run tren at 400mg and test at 250mg a week
  17. Damian

    Damian Member

    you will use only these two products? Anavar or winstrol or not they will add more? I apologize if there is some word out of place, I do not speak English. XD