Tren Enanthate vs. Tren acetate

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by joseppe, May 2, 2008.

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    joseppe Junior Member

    Which one is better? I know money wise I would go with enanthate for less injections. But for a constant flow of hormone the acetate seems best to me. But its like 4 bottles is 40 days and lots of shots! Is it worth it?
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    bigbench Member

    I love the prop/tren a combo cause the gains start coming on in the first week and can continue through the entire 12 weeks. I will shoot 1.55 ccs of each and head to the gym that night and beat the hell out of my body. I love that stuff. But hey, tren E is good too. It doesnt have that INSTANT effect, but any form of tren you can get is going to be amazing so you should just go with whatever is better priced.
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    dennis Member

    tren enth and test cyp/enth for 12-14 weeks
    front load and back load with prop and ace ;)Tren is awesome.Very nice steroid to use bro !
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    musle mafia

    musle mafia Junior Member

    Bro I wouldn't say one is better than the other. There both are tren and it's just similar to the difference of test prop and test e. Just has to due with the half life and how long it takes to start taking effect. Like BB said i would just go with which one you can get a better deal on.
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    solo47 Member

    Absolutely agree. Get the advantages of every type of gear this way. Get going fast with Prop & Ace and then ride on twice-weekly injects with the longer esters the rest of way, closing out the way you began.

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    advanced-stealth Junior Member

    I agree.

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    LifeSize Junior Member

    I like Dennis and Solo's proposition..

    How would you guys dose it for someone like me?
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    dennis Member

    Give brief cycle experience including prior dose's.......
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    dennis Member

    I would predict a guy like you would want to go 500 mgs of tren and 600-750 mgs test.The thing about tren is 400 is not quite enough but getting over 600 can be tricky if not dangerous in some situations.So when front loading with tren ace you should take into consideration how much tren enth you have in your system.

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