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Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by graybass, Apr 6, 2004.

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    graybass Member

    Bros, I'm about to add tren enanthate to replace Deca, in week 6 of 12 week cycle. What do you guys think? I'm running 1gram Test cyp EW, was running 600mg Deca EW with it. Going to replace Deca with 500mg Tren enan. 2x250mg EW. My gains have really leveled off lately, But I'm taking nolva and proviron, 20 and 50mg ED, so My gains are real solid. (probally the hardest I've ever looked in a size cycle) Also I ran Big green a-bombs first 4 weeks, WOW!!! Gains were so good it scared me!! Yahoo!! This is my first Tren.
    I would love some comments. (need to know more about the Tren)
    Been cycling 15 yrs, so these are not big amounts.
    I know I have not said much about my stats so here they are,
    5'10" 240lbs 10% BF in my 40's liftin 20 yrs. :cool: Hit me!
    Thanks guys, graybass
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    roger Junior Member

    Dam,sounds like me almost,I'm in my fortys and I've been lifting hard for 20 years,I'm 6ft and weigh 240lbs with %14 bodyfat,right now I'm doing 500mg of tren enanthate ew,1500 test enanthate ew and 100mg of anadrol ed
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    joe shmoe

    joe shmoe Junior Member

    i think you'll really like the tren...i love it. strength gains come so quickly. but then again, i was using tren acetate. make sure you frontload the tren enanthate. some normal sides = warm feeling inside...always feel a bit warm. sometimes hard to sleep. and sometimes feeling tired all day. after a week or 2, on the acetate, it all went away except for the strength. it kept coming. make sure to be careful on how much weight you'll be adding on your lifts. dont go too high too quickly 'cause you might end up hurting yourself/tearing something. other than that, enjoy it. i do.

    have a nice day
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    ryan400 Junior Member

    I am using the tren enathate right now at 750 mgs a week for 12 weeks, and i agree with Joe the strength gains from tren are second to none.
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    db2 Junior Member

    Bro, what brand Tren E are u using?
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    Deacon Member

    I am using tren enth right now also and I would strongly advise you how great it is versus deca - I get alot less sides with tren and better lasting results - I think you'll love it
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    BAS Junior Member

    What manufacturers or labs are making tren enan? All I have seen is the tren acetate form on the market.
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    joe shmoe

    joe shmoe Junior Member more thing. watch your aggression on tren. be very midful of it and dont let it get out of hand. just keep telling yourself, when you're pissed off, that its the tren thats making you feel like that. keep the anger/aggression in check bro.

    have a nice day
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    graybass Member

    tren E

    Thanks Joe, I've heard about the aggresive sides, will try real hard (You Fucking bastards I'll kill you all!) oops sorry, LOL
    Will be starting Monday ( If my tracking # is right ) I know, I know, don't count your chickens.
    For those in the know, I'm using EA's, Heard great things about his new Tren E, All other Products are top shelf. His Test enanthate is the best around (IMHO) I'll keep posting as I go. There seems to be a lot of interest in this product. :cool: graybass
    PS, I wonder whats going to happen, Aggresive as hell, and super horny! My GF better start resting up now! Yeah Baby!!!
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    ryan400 Junior Member

    The tren Enathate I am using right now, was home brewed by anabolicMD.
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    graybass Member

    Recieved today, starting on monday at 500mg EW, With 1000mg Test. I'll post once a week, for those interested. The only thing is that I'm using tren E just for the last 6 weeks of this cycle. (instead of the 600mg Deca I was using EW for the first 6 weeks) First Tren E, so I'm interested what will happen.
    I got to tell you guys the Tren E is a darker red color, and it just looks plain mean! Yee Ha, Can't wait! Graybass :cool:
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    Lanceromance1 Junior Member

    I've only had the tren Acetate. How much longer acting is the enanthate ester. It would be nice to inject less often. :D
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    ryan400 Junior Member

    The half life for enathate is around 7 days give or take a day.
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    Deacon Member

    I love the tren enth - I just cant say enough about it - of course tren has always been good to me - I alos must add the aggression does pick up but can be controlled easily
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    joe shmoe

    joe shmoe Junior Member

    enanthate has a 5 day half life...give or take a few hours.

    have a nice day
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    graybass Member

    tren Enan

    Alright, said I would keep my first time with Tren Enan posted. I just started my second week of 500mg EW Tren, and 1000mg Test enan. Noticed instant gains in all lifts already! (I know be carefull, don't get hurt). Hard to believe it's only been less than 14 days, and I look bigger and harder and Stronger!
    Couple of specifics, I started the Tren Enanthate in the 6th week of a 12 week cycle. I replaced 600mg Deca EW with the Tren. So I will only be on the Tren approx. 6 weeks. The 1000mg test has been constant since the beginning. Oh yeah, 4 weeks of 50mg ED D-bol at the start.
    Now on a negative note. I'm hoping it will pass but, the last few days I've been so tired That it takes everything I have to work and lift! Also today I feel like I'm just starting to have a little Flu like symptoms. Hopefully This will pass quickly. A couple of other Bros also said they were tired at the beginning of a Tren cycle. This shit is really potent. I'll keep posting my progress as the weeks go on. Even with the negative sides, I gotta say this is a wonderful product, I've never felt this strong this quick!

    How about some more input Brothers?
    Who said you can't teach an Old Graybass new tricks! :cool:
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    graybass Member


    Bump, I thought a lot of people were interested in the new tren Enanthate Esters. If not, I'll shut up. It sure is nice not to have to inject ED!
    2XEW rocks. 500mg Tren Enan and 1000mg Test Rule for size and strength.
    Maybe I'm getting more aggressive! LOL

    Anybody? Come on you Monsters.
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    maxx Junior Member

    dude just shut up about it! ;) j/ you like it better than homebrew or reg tren?

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    kh24 Junior Member

    Ok now i gotta get me some. Im ordering it up as soon as EA gets back from his vacation.
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    Bob Smith

    Bob Smith Member

    How much mass and strength have you actually gained since being on the tren enth?

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