Tren & hair loss...???????

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by BeastMode09, May 12, 2008.

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    BeastMode09 Junior Member

    hey guys, i'm new here but not new to this game.
    I want to get some feedback/suggestions from all the veterans on here regarding tren a and hair loss.
    I have read ALL about this subject for a couple of months, i know all about the conversions, and the progression of hair loss if one is prone to MPB in the first place. I know that propecia and all those other products don't help so I'm thinking about doing something else:

    I am 195#s, 6' and about 14%BF... I have ran test and dbol before on cycles of 4-6 weeks and had no significant hair loss- but mild thinning with partial recovery post cycle. I have had friends run tren a for 4-6 weeks on 200mg a week (6'- 180#s) with no other AAS or hair loss products and they had NO problems with hair loss.
    The thing I'm thinking about doing is maybe reducing tren dosage, I have been looking for supporting evidence regarding lower dosage and relation to hair loss & also considering gains.

    basically it comes down to this: If I run 150mg/week (200mg max) on a 4-5/week cycle will i still have the positive effects and will I reduce the hair loss side effects???

    It should also be noted that this will be DEF my LAST aas cycle. All your inputs will be greatly appreciated.

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    LifeSize Junior Member


    Someone will chime in, not really sure what your question is though?
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    BeastMode09 Junior Member

    hahaha na bro this is it!
    I'm not psychologically dependent or anything, I've held on to this cycle for a while trying to get info so i don't regret anything- I have heard that tren is one of the worst for hair loss....

    the question is this:

    If I run 150mg/week (200mg max) on a 4-5/week cycle will i still have the positive effects and will I reduce the hair loss side effects???

    the only reason why i haven't done it is that I don't know if 150mg/week will be sufficient for positive gains taking in consideration for body weight and bf...if i knew that for a fact- I'd run the cycle tomorrow

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    sicky Junior Member

    Trial and error is all I can say. I know people who have lost no hair on tren or winstrol (two compounds most attribute hair loss to), but I also know people who shed like crazy on just a little bit of test. Everyone is different. If MPB runs in your family, it may affect you.
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    lou123 Junior Member

    If your 6 feet 195 and this is your last cycle then why even bother with tren (or anything else for that matter)

    Anyway I am prone to MPB and even 200mg/week of Test will cause hair loss in me. If you have the MPB gene there isn't much you can do but you do need to realize that even if your hair doesn't actually fall out during the cycle if you are prone to MPB you are speeding up the process and will lose hair much earlier in life than you would without steroids.
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    Silent Karisma

    Silent Karisma Junior Member

    hey bro 1 of the first things i ever learned bout juicing, if ur prone 2 n worried bout hairloss DECA is ur only choice. Now theres many steps u can take 2 stoppin hairloss or slowin it down but if ur that prone 2 it all ur gonna do is slow it down. Theres a hairloss thread circulating, check it out B Cool

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    BeastMode09 Junior Member

    sicky- i really don't wanna go the trial and error route cause i don't wanna regret any thing like this. and thats the confusing part, MPB is in an inconsistant patteren in my family so i can't say for sure. Both by grandparents kept their hair, but my dad and half of my uncles (on both sides) lost hair.

    lou- im 6' and 195 but i have some extra body fat and would like to be somewhat bigger. and i agree with your info on the acceleration of MPB thru cycles, its very true. I might already be fucked cause of my Dbol and test cycles but don't know it yet lol

    and Karisma- i thought about Deca, i like the fact that its weaked at the 5AR and won't cause so many androgenic side effects but don't like it for several factors. A. i wouldn't be stacking it with test (for the obvious reason). B. I don't like the fact that you don't keep a lot of your gains after...

    but i did think about equipoise.. and ironically i have some in my box-o-goodies.. which is also pretty good with its mild androgenic side effects. I origionally chose tren cause of its characteristic that help gain hard and lean mass without fat and water etc etc but never really took it cause of the strong effects on the 5AR and since the scalp has many of those receptors- i didn't want all my hair to go byebye....

    thanks for all the replys so far guys....
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    LifeSize Junior Member

    Dude, run the cycle. Shave your head. Ladies will like, it's nice.

    I'm sorry I have a thick full head of hair...ive shaved since I was in 3rd grade, almost 22 years now. I've always had a bald head..nothing to it but to do it.
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    jmills Member

    sounds like you are overthinking this whole thing bro. either you want to get the benefits from aas or you don't. to me, im thinking any drug that will exert a significant affect will run the risk of hair loss (among other things), and the 'safest' drugs will not give me the results I if you are this worried I can't see any decent cycle working out that well for you. for instance, you would have to take a shitload of EQ to get any kind of decent gains, and even then the appetite increase might lead to a significant increase in BF...see what I mean? theres always a price my man. I say screw the hair, use rogaine and 2% nizoral during and go for it.
    that being said...and please believe I mean no disrespect here...but at your height and weight you are not ready for aas and you really should get your shit together a bit more before considering aas. at this point something aint right...either your training, diet or something is off and if you don't get that fixed a cycle of aas is just a temporary crutch and you would soon lose any gains you might manage to make.
    just MHO...

    good luck either way bro.
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    Alfalfa Junior Member

    you could always try selling your soul. I here that works...
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    BeastMode09 Junior Member

    life- i look terrible ith a shaved head fool! i buzzed it once or twice and i looked like a goddamn space monkey.

    mills- you're right man, i am over thinking this. i've always been hella analytical. and the reasoning that you offered regarding EQ is actually why i haven't run it. and thanks for your 2cc's bout the other stuff- and no offense taken.

    im just gonna run the cycle and what ever happens happens. im gonna have to get hair transplant sooner or later so fuck it!

    and alf i like my soul man! i wanna keep it... hahahaha
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    lou123 Junior Member

    First i was wondeing why after using steroids you were still only 195 lbs at 6 feet tall. That is why I questioned you using the drugs at all not because you were big enough. You should be able to get bigger through diet and training alone

    I have heard of people using 5mg day of Proscar (fenasteride/propecia) and it helped a lot with hair loss but as I said before how much have you progessed your hair los even though it didn't fall out ?

    I have tried 500mg week of T a 1.25 mg day of Propecia without any luck

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