Tren night sweats?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by scramjet, Oct 10, 2004.

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    scramjet Junior Member

    Hey bros, any good advice on making night sweats less harsh? The tren is wrecking me sleep......I go through 2 pairs of boxers per night, 2 beds, and I wake up dehydrated as fuck. I'm thinking temp has nothing to do with it, I set my temp, at 65, and It is as bad as if it was set as 70. I LOVE tren, but damn, its really hard to liv elike this. By the way I'm only on 150 EOD
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    Dizzy26 Junior Member

    Just something you gotta live with. The benifits are definitaly worth it.

    I wonder why you do sweat so much on tren....I don't think it raises your body temp.
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    graybass Member

    I'm certainly not a doctor but, I thought the reason you sweat so much is that tren is a lot more androgenic than Test so, It's hard for your body to adjust, and stay at even blood levels. So it's kinda like hot flashes old women get because their hormones are all over the place.

    Also I thought that you sweat a lot because you metabolism is fucking jacked thru the roof.

    I'd try 75mg everyday, and see if that helps to even things out.
    Because of the half life of Tren A. I'd think that doing EOD would make your levels go way up and down.

    JMHO or my .02 GB :cool:
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    Big Moose

    Big Moose Junior Member

    I just blast the A/C and put two blankets on my fiance- Change your sheets often as well
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    lamb88ert Junior Member

    i go through hell while on a plain test cycle, ill be on tren soon and cant even imagine what im gonna be like then....
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    urbadside Junior Member

    i agree on the night sweats....

    you can run ( i hope you are some milk thistle...heard aloe vera juice from wal-mart too)...they detoxify your liver and have a lot of other positive side effects....

    i would def drop it to 75 mg....see what effect that has....then adjust accordingly....

    also...i wouldnt stay on tren longer than 6 weeks,.....very toxic.....
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    Homer simpson

    Homer simpson Junior Member

    Wow 150mg eod, isnt that kinda high??? I have seen great gains from those only at 75 eod and up to 100mg eod. Do you get day sweats too? I would be peeling an orange and sweating like i just ran 4 miles in July. I guess you could say I have a love hate relationship with

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    Starkraven Junior Member

    lamb88ert: test sweats?

    those are some wicked sweats from tren to go through 2 boxers and 2 beds and wake up soaked and dehydrated! i have never ever sweated that much in my life and i have done like 12 DNP cycles of which some were in the hot ass summers.
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    ninja900 Junior Member

    I used tren for the first time a few weeks ago. 75EOD, and got the sweats also, but not as bad as you.

    I agree w/other posts, try cutting back a little on your dose.
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    2small Junior Member

    If you think tren sweats are bad dont do DNP they are way way worse. Try sleeping in the nude and put down a towel or something so when you get up you for water you can take off the towel or extra sheet and have a dry one till morning. The cooler it is will help a little drink plenty of water before bed also. Milk Thistle and cranberry or liv52 is what I also take for liver.
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    jamesdal7 Junior Member

    I've been on tren for the past 9 weeks at 75mg ED seeing very good results. I don't get bad sweats at all. Remember though, everyone is different and it effects everyone different. Instead of using 150mg EOD, use 75mg ED.

    Last week, I bumped up my tren to 100mg ED and I got the sweats big time. Another side I noticed from bumping my tren to 100mg ED was when I had sex, I could not have my happy ending, we tried for 2 hours and could not finish, we were both sweating a lot but I could not finish. It sucked! I bumped it back down to 75mg ED but have not had sex yet. I hope to get my happy ending next time. The girl was like, what's wrong??? is it me?? She knows im on juice so I told her it was one of my "juices" that was not letting me finish. She understood but it sucked for me.
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    scramjet Junior Member

    Well with DNP my bodytemp was upped, so that was the reasn I would sweat. During DNP I would take the Temp down to 50 or so and it would help out immensley. With TRen, it really has no bearing on the temp. My body just sweats. BTW no I dont sweat during the day

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