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  1. GeaR_and_SauCe

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    I've been doing a lot of research on tren (fina) and I am reading a lot of pros and cons. The obvious pros seem to be that tren is an amazing product that has the capability to either cut up or bulk up depending on what else is done (diet and so forth). Also, I've read that you can realize incredible strength gains while using tren. On the other hand, I've also read that a person on tren is "no fun to be with" and that it can turn a normal person into an angry spasmatic. Im not sure if this is true or if its just an over exageration. Also, I've read that it is harsh on the hair line and just as bad on the sex drive. With this is mind, my questions are as follows:

    1. Benefits vs. sides; would you say that tren is still worth using?
    2. Would I get similar results with less sides if I spent the extra money and used growth harmone instead of tren?
    3. What has been you experience, if any, good or bad, with tren?

    I've been doing a lot of research and I think I might try tren in my next cycle but answers to these questions would definitly be helpful. If you notice, these questions really have to do with personal experience, so please, don't respond by just linking me to the numerous tren info pages because I've most likely read them already. Thanks.
  2. jorge

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    1st tren cycle

    on my 1st tren cycle now. My 2nd cycle ever. 75mg/ED with 50mg/50mg IP prop/susp ED. Started week 4 tuesday. No aggression, no hair loss. Workouts are going good. I feel like when I first started working out, years ago. Strength and weight gain are definitely noticeable, slow and steady. I feel real good. Good strength increases. Most noticeable is the muscles are hardening, and I'm getting more vascular. Hope this helps.

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    starting a trn cycle next week - what are your thoughts on 150mg EOD, 3x a week, Mon/Wed/Fri....?

    also, how is your sleep, I have never tried tren but hear that those on it get very little sleep....I had that problem when on sust and deca, hardly slept, if I got 7 hours I was lucky.

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    I am using tren for the first time, and I'm not having any trouble sleeping, but I am sweating to death every night. I mean I literally am getting drenched with sweat from head to toe. Even my legs get soaked, and I have to get up in the middle of the night and dry off just as I would after a shower.

    Funny thing is, I don't sweat at all during the day, only when sleeping. I even sweat more sleeping than in some workouts. That is strange.

  5. jorge

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    I would suggest shooting tren ED. That is what all the vets suggest. With the acetate ester, more stable levels can be obtained with ED injections. Go from your 150mg/eod to 75mg/ed. Sleep is okay. I am a little more restless at night right now. I sweat in my sleep sometimes. I thought this was from the test, not tren?
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    if you wana keep your sex drive up add some test in your cycle. this should be your starting point anyway. tren is supposed to be hard on your hair, but it did not effect me. and i am prone to mpb anyway. i had no trouble sleeping. i was doing 75mg ed, than i change to eod because of mood change. it did make me grouchy, but not uncontrolable. you forgot to ask about gyno. do you need any info on that? i personaly like it very much.(the tren not gyno)
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    if i could i'd stay on tren year long, to me it's that dam good. it's a wonder drug, strength, vasclarity, difinnation, muscle hardness, it does amazing things for me and so many other people. the anger is a bit of an issue with me, i'm normaly a chill guy even when i'm on a decent amount of test i only get a little edgey, but when i took 150mg of tren eod holy fuck was i mad at the world. even the smallest thing would get me so insanely pissed. i'm talking my girl saying "can you give me 10 more mins to be ready?" "WHAT 10 MORE MINS WHAT DO YOU MEAN 10 MORE MINS! DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG THAT IS!" stupid shit like that, to the point where one such instance(during my frist tren cycle) i punched a wall and broke a bone in my hand. as for the hair line thing i got nothing to worry about no hair loss in my family and my hair seems to be built of the same stuff wolvernes bones are laced with, tren had no effect on it. the sex drive which i thought would fly out the window did just the opposite and skyrockted. the fat chicks who think they can get abs by doing them all day at the gym started to look hot to me at times. i would have to say the only negative was the whole anger thing, which try as i might i could not control. i can not wait to do tren again( i'm counting down the weeks actually, 4 in cause you where wondering) so yes i'd diffently do it again and i suggest you do to.