Tren vs. test

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  1. youngBuilder

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    Hoping you guys can help - having trouble finding non-conflicting info on this question:

    Is tren more mild, or more harsh on acne vs. test in general.

    For example: If one gets moderate acne on test at 500mg/week, is he expected to get more or less acne on test + tren (totaling 500mgs/week or 250mgs of each/week). Not exactly apples to apple but you get the idea...
  2. Jruiz

    Jruiz Member

    I'm sure everyone's different brother. I get little acne from test and less acne from tren. Some people is the other way around.
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  3. johnnyBALLZ

    johnnyBALLZ Member

    Everyone is different, tren is the only AAS that gives me acne..
  4. tlm4

    tlm4 Member

    Just depends bro. High test makes me breakout but don't get that much when I run high tren low test
  5. whodatnation

    whodatnation Member

    This is exactly how my body works. Any nanodrolone compound makes me look like jabba the hut. Each and every person reacts a little differently to each compound so you won't know until you try.
  6. dper726

    dper726 Member

    I'll get no acne on test alone but with the addition of tren add in light acne at whichever dose
  7. also word of advice if you do tren ace make sure to do everyday with slin pin so blood levels are stable. i break out when i did eod and when changing my doses sive levels arent stable good luck man
  8. heavyiron

    heavyiron Member

    I never noticed any difference but I ran Accutane years ago so that is a game changer.
  9. ebkallday

    ebkallday Member Supporter

    I never get acne on cycle no matter what I run. However, when I come off, like one to two weeks into pct, I break out like a 16 year old. Never in the face though. Usually on delts, rear delts, and upper back.
  10. CodyGrizz

    CodyGrizz Junior Member

    I am the same way. On..nothing. Clear perfect skin. Come off..I break out. Weird.
  11. greekgod

    greekgod Member

    I break out after coming off too. But if I get some sun I'm fine.
  12. dper726

    dper726 Member

    Hormonal imbalance is a bitch. Ask bitches they will tell you everything about it.....[:eek:)][:eek:)]
  13. TheGuy85

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    I break out from running Test Prop at about week 3 or 4. But when I go on pct it gets even worse about 5 days to a week into PCT. The bacne and shoulder acne seems to be worse on PCT than on cycle, and I run short esters only. On cycle I never get pimples on my face but on PCT I do.
  14. tlm4

    tlm4 Member

    Tanning seems to kind of dry out some of the acne as well. Works pretty good for myself. Also just being in the sun period will help a little.
  15. beedix

    beedix Member

    Even low dose test produces harsh back, chest, shoulder, and neck acne for me. I have never taken tren alone but when combined with test, doesn't seem much worse except the extra sweat may cause a little extra.

    I'm talking 100mg a week of test.

    I've seriously considered buying accutane powder and doing a moderate cycle.
  16. TheGuy85

    TheGuy85 Member

    Yeah I notice no difference in acne when adding tren to test either. Accutane fucking works wonders, but the whole may cause ulcerative colitis things is a turn off. My cousin took it over a year ago in high school. Within 3 months he had a clear face and has not had a pimple since. I don't know how it works or how it lasts for what seems like forever. I get more acne than him normally now, and I get a pimple here and there.

    Wish the stuff didn't have those crazy ass potential side effects.
  17. musclerock

    musclerock Member

    Can you drink when taking tren. I have no problem drinking while on test but I get ulcers when I drink while taking dbol
  18. tlm4

    tlm4 Member

    I don't even fuck with booze anymore. Made me ten times fuckin crazier on tren
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  19. youngBuilder

    youngBuilder Member

    ^^ This. Just say no to jail.
  20. tlm4

    tlm4 Member

    Say yes to tren and no to booze. That's like gasoline and fire lol..