Tren: What You Might Not Know

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  1. So, I lifted this from a member at TheIronDen. THIS IS NOT MY OWN INFORMATION. I am not citing the member's name at TID, because I think it may actually be his real name.

    I was really impressed with this guys level of knowledge of AAS. Also, since everyone believes tren to be a "get big and get lean" fucking magic pill, with guys with next to zero cycles under their belt trying to jump on it, I thought I'd re-post it here.

    "I will chime in to help guys here understand. Sorry for the novel, but this will answer it all for you.

    Trenbolone is primarily a drug used in cattle, it is very strong, it has about 3x the ability as testosterone to bind to an androgen receptor.

    Tren does alter progesterone levels, estrogen, test, etc..

    Most of tren's emotional side effects are due to the fact it has a very clear effect on the brain's neurotransmitters. More so then probably any other steroid.

    Neurotransmitters must have a delicate balance. If one is off, then it can cause the other chemicals to be "off" and therefore numerous sides can be associated with this. Tren is therefore clearly inducing a psychological disturbance in many users. This is pre-determined genetically and therefore some people may have minimal side effects, while others may be susceptible to full blown side effects

    Neurotransmitters: (chemical messengers in the brain)

    Seratonin- probably the most important to recognize and likely this is the primary disturbed neurotransmitter. It is responsible for regulating sleep, mood, anxiety, appetite, and sexuality. This is why SSRI's or anti-depressants are prescribed to patients with Depression/Anxiety..and this is why 5-HTP may help.

    Dopamine- Pleasure center of the brain. When these are reduced the user can experience deep depression and lack of motivation. As an example, Dopamine is prevented from having a re-uptake when using Cocaine, but then when the user comes off, it is lowered or cut off from dopamine production. Tren is the same way, when the brain senses this compound, it "can" lower or cut off dopamine, thus giving the user the similar feeling they would after coming off Cocaine or Ecstacy. The issue with compounds that interact with dopamine, is that dopamine receptors can be if you are abusing a drug such as cocaine, or even tren for example, the receptors can be weakened and either take a very long time to return to normal, or never return at all. This means in lamens terms that users of these drugs can experience prolonged or permanent depression after discontinuing. This can clearly impact an individuals ability to experience happiness.

    Epinephrine Regulates Stress

    Norepinephrine - Regulates sleep and alertness..this is also known as the chemical that produces "fight or flight" or adrenaline. Spikes is this level can cause sleeplessness and aggression.

    Acetylcholine - Associated with muscle control and learning

    Histamine - Associated with arousal. It is often released in response to an allergic reaction. It can certainly "sedate" the patient when it is released, this is some of the thought process why tren and other compounds cause lethargy, it is 'believed' that the body is constantly releasing histamines into the bloodstream to fight off the allergens..aka "tren". Also this is medically theorized and makes sense as to explain "Tren COUGH". When the user injects tren, the body instantly releases several chemicals, including Histamine. It is such a sudden and large amount of release that the body interpets it as an "allergic reaction". It responds with symptoms such as coughing, itchy eyes, runny nose, swollen eyes, respiratory issues and shortness of breathe.

    Take into combination the fact Tren scrambles up your normal hormone ratios, test, estrogen, etc..take into combination that the fact tren increases BP which can also induce lethargy and various other issues, and then combine the fact it disturbs normal brain functions, and you can see why this is a compound that should only be used by the most experienced of users, who know how to treat and recognize each symptom.

    And even then, this compound should be used with extreme caution."
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  2. I'm surprised no one has ever chimed in on this thread...pretty alarming stuff.
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    Very useful stuff. Makes me reconsider using the stuff but also very intrigued.
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    Interesting. I'm pretty sure I permanently wrecked my serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine levels a long time ago from years of ecstasy abuse in my teens and 20's. I wonder if that makes any difference with tren sides.
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    No matter how you slice it though it's still his opinion and not a study. Best if used in moderation and carefully.

    I disagree that tren skews with dopamine or serotonin that extensive as ecstasy or cocaine. For ex: Rec drugs such as Ecstacy, there is an immidiate flood of "make you feel good chemicals," once it's inside the body. That's not the case with Tren.

    Sex drive was always great on Tren became very horn dog and naughty. However in large doses Tren would make me lethargic without any blood pressure issues.
  6. So the abstract suggests that you can entirely loose your dopamine and than you're like forever sad...terrifying through if you really think about what that means and how it plays out in day to day life.
  7. What do you mean by any difference? Make it worse and have an opposit improving effect?
  8. Have you seen Jerry Brainum's video on YouTube regarding? He goes into great detail about life the stuff mentioned in the arrival posted by OP..
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    I thought of playing with tren just because I only live once and this article has piqued my interest.
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  10. In which direction my brother? For or against?
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    Thinking of actually giving it a shot (pun intended) on my next cycle. A low dose to start to see how I react to it.
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    This doesnt happen. Not with Meth, not with anything. Can you cause harm? Sure. Your brain will find new pathways for dopamine and serotonin to travel. It is MUCH more complex than this. But this idea that a drug say MDMA can make you forever sad is bologna..

    The scary part about tren IMO is the Alzheimer's
  13. I have ONE lonely vial of tren sitting with me for months now...still can't pull the's like self torture looking at it staring back at me in its golden copper radiance whispering "let me stick it in you, daddy".
    Wait, that didn't sound right! LOL
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    Yeah, I pretty much went through that with ecstasy. I suspect it played a big part in various mental and emotional issues I had for a long time. I wasn't sad forever, but I was an emotional wreck for years followed by years of feeling almost nothing. All I can say is I had no history of mental illness before and the years that followed I was diagnosed with all kinds of stuff. Might have happened without, who knows. All I know is I never felt the same after that.

    I feel great on tren, better than normal. Just wondered what kind of brain chemistry it took to feel great on tren when so many can't handle it.
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    Tren is good. As good as it gets? Sure. But IMO it isn't as crazy as many make it to be. If someone can't handle the sides, same as any drug stop. But also like other drugs, one dance with her and you won't die. What may happen is what happened to me, finding a way to incorporate her in all of my cycles.
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    Interesting read. Surprised no one commented on this thread for years.

    Not sure if I would compare tren to Cocaine or Ecstacy though.

    Try Test/Tren/Mast
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    When I stopped X I studdered and was depressed. Yes it got better. I do wonder if it made learning a bit more difficult. I have my degree etc. but sometimes I do wonder...
  18. That's really interesting..amazes me how many common or typical side that many or most will/can experience, but nevertheless, there are always cases where people prove to have unique experiences. The world off ASS is so fascination.

    I mean AAS...but I love "ass" too. LOL
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    lol, same. Bulk? tren. Cut? Tren. Recomp? Tren. Strength? Tren. It's like the Swiss army knife of steroids.

    I got better for the most part. I wonder about the learning thing, too. I've always been highly intelligent, but I'm definitely not as sharp as I was as a kid. I miss obvious things at times that are worrisome to me. My last two serious girlfriends have noticed it as well. I also overdosed once and had to be revived after several minutes of not breathing, so it's hard to say what caused what to be honest. Definitely felt different after the ecstasy though. Just wasn't sober long enough until the last five years to notice the learning thing. Who knows? Just glad to be alive and okay.
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    I did. Not sure if I buy eveything he mentioned. He did go into to detail about tren can cause Alzheimer's in animals not humans. Never heard of any body builders with loss of memory though. Tren has been around for a long time too. It is a dangerous roid but so is alcohol in mass doses.
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