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    Bullshape Junior Member

    Hi guys,

    Im new here and this forum looks very nice !
    I'm preparing a contest in 5 months and want to put some trenbolone with my boldo/propio cycle im on since 3 months now. (with some gh)
    Stats : 250lbs, 5,9', 28yo.
    Number of cycle : about 10
    I have a very good cardio with bold and im scared about tren about this. I already cycled with parabolan and some tren A by the past and i had a short breath. I now its normal but it's tiresome...
    I want to try tren base for this time, tren with no ester. You know like me tren build mass and change body composition like any other thing. So I have to put tren in my cycle. I think about base because the short half life and if I cant support the side effects, I cant stop and I will come back very quickly. Dont know if i will run ED I think its preferable cause of varation in the

    I know tbase have got to be shooted 2 times a day but its not a pb.

    Dont know what do to with this campound, its new for me and dont know anyone who used it.

    thanks a lot for your help
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    HUH... never though about that just trenabolone with no ester? sounds kinda cool if you like tren - i dont like tren cause it has bad sides / i mean if you are doing a contest then i guess you would want tren but it would be a pain to inject every day or 2x a day

    just use insulin needeles like 1ml each inject i guess - some people call me a idiot to use slin needles but then if they try it they understand its wayyyy easier with no pain, no blood and never a problem - i alays use slin needeles from the very 1st time i ever tried slin neededs - in shoulders and arms never a problem

    id say do anavar with the tren and test

    if you are going to to tren suspension or tren no ester why not do test suspension with it? plus anavar is unbeatable for fat loss and veins / definition when talking about orals
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    MANWHORE Member

    Are you worried about being tested?
    Is this why you chosing tren NE?

    I like the long acting esters cause of
    less shots more stable blood level...

    I do wish Tren came in a Prop ester, though.

    Prop I don't mind but anything less HL
    I don't like much, and forget the no ester.
    I would take oral if I wanted that short HL

    Halo might be a better choice
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    Bullshape Junior Member

    Thanks a lot guys :)
    Yop PS LABS FOUNDER, i shoot all my AAS with slin pin. I love it, no pain, can spot ED even with long ester (I like to split a lot to have my blood level more stable)

    You true Manwhore, I think I will turn on Parabolin.(already got in hands from a famous very good lab). I will have more stable blood level. The side effects I hate most is that tren kill cardio...
    And there is no solution to avoid it... Maybe with my EQ/gh/test, and a little dose of tren I can avoid... Will run 76mg EOD to start and check the cardio.
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    MANWHORE Member

    When I started working at the Steel Company
    about 7 months ago, I was very out of breath
    when pushing 1,500-2,000lb carts across the
    I started tren and I was able to push then
    getting less and less tired...

    Then jumped to a Mast, Tren, Test P stack and
    things just kept getting easier to push and I was not
    ready to die even when I ran with them digging my legs into
    the ground.. I could feel my calves solid to the floor

    I did get that Prostaglandin against the lungs feeling
    all the time, but it didn't get me out of breath much.

    Maybe if I was a marathon runner I would feel
    tired from Tren but I am not...

    Stronger legs didn't need as much endurance
    which is why it got easier to push the carts without
    getting winded is what I think happened.

    If you want to get ripped, then
    stay away from Tren.
    It sucks when trying to hold onto fat :)
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    Bullshape Junior Member

    thanks a lot manwhore. I will stay away from tren.
    I read masteron can be a good alternative to Tren... But I read too, Mast is useless if your BF is not under 10%.
    An other alternative is Primo but even at 1gr /week, are the results are ok for the bunk ?

    Thanks a lot :)
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    Stretch Member

    I have also read this. But WHY?

    What about the pharmacokinetics of masteron render it useless in those with a higher bf% ??

    Anyone? Perhaps I should make a new thread.
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    MANWHORE Member

    then stay away from Tren.

    It was a joke.. My bad, I didn't catch the mistake
    having you think Tren is now bad for cutting.. sorry

    Try the Mast, Tren, .. try everything.
    I always like to get my own hands on
    with everything, even when 100 people tell
    me this or that won't work...
    Especially when they tell me that lol

    I am really thinking of some EQ with very little Test myself.
    Very little EQ too...
    300EQ and 250 Test E every 5th day sounds good.
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    MANWHORE Member

    Masteron is more androgenic than the 45 it gets
    on the scale for androgenic/anabolic ... I know
    this cause I've used it alone for short time.

    I also do not believe it doesn't work when over
    10%BF or 20%BF for that matter.
    It doesn't make sense cause androgens are used to cut fat.

    Mast, tren and Prop was a good mix
    but I still question the quality/potency of the product
    I was using.
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    Stretch Member

    Someone who is still around?

    X2 to everything else you said. That has been my theory as well...and yet, you always hear guys say that about bf%.
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    MANWHORE Member

    Yes but I don't want to open up a can
    of worms... I felt pretty good and maybe it
    was all I was going to feel from the gear, but
    I have other reasons for wondering/questioning this.

    Your avatar makes me want to look at porn.
    Seriously, I wish my energy level was as high as my sex-drive
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    Stretch Member

    This is a joke too right??

    I think EQ is a waste...never noticed any difference in adding it to my test cycles....and I ran it at 600/wk for 12. It will stimulate appetite at those doses....but that was all I noticed, and even that could have been placebo.
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    MANWHORE Member

    No, it's not a joke..

    I am only looking for a little
    kick with the AAS, but mostly
    EQ for Collagen Synthesis...
    I just wrote Test cause that's
    what came to mind, but I would probably
    run something like... O I don't know, maybe tren :D
    with the EQ.

    I think I read 300mg EQ/week is going to
    increase collagen the most EQ will increase it..
    HGH is dose related but EQ only increases it so much

    I could always brew some EQ like I used
    to and run it at 3-4grams/week.
    That should have some other effect
    besides increased collagen synth
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    Stretch Member

    Yeah, it makes sense for tendon support...why wouldn't u run it with test tho?? I mean, I dont just follow all advice that's tossed at me...but life is better with test

    Oh yeh....btw....
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    Stretch Member

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    MANWHORE Member

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    Bullshape Junior Member

    Will watching Porn too. :drooling:

    Lol understood your joke about tren bro. Tren burn fat like any other thing. But like to have cardio, have a sexdrive like a machine gun..By the past, I was on 500mg of tren, was out of breath by brushing lol

    Ok so Mast and bodyfat is a myth...Like Deca and lot of calories.
    Don't know what to do.
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    Stretch Member

    No no.

    Please don't take OUR words for it. We are just saying that we have never SEEN the evidence. That doesn't mean it doesnt exist SOMEWHERE.
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    MANWHORE Member

    What are you looking for out of
    the cycle again? lol I can't keep up with these threads.

    I am now looking at frontloading alot of
    EQ and running Mast with it...
    The EQ for collagen and added estrogen
    and the Mast for... Everything else :D
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    Bullshape Junior Member

    Im looking to gain more lean mass and up my muscular quality bro...
    Im on bold/prop/hyg ATM since 3months...
    I love bold for the cardio and good quality of muscle but its too light even at 900mg/w for my weight.

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