Trenbolone enantate side effects acid reflux diarreha

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by DrDylan, Dec 6, 2018 at 9:05 AM.

  1. DrDylan

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    Hi guys

    I have a friend who is experiencing extreme acid reflux , diarrea, headache from tren enantate what he can do to clean faster his body from Tren? I told him to try with Acetate as first time user but...

    He can't eat anything
  2. Wunderpus

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    Nexium will help the acid reflux...
  3. Holidaypay

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    Milk helped me fast within 2 mins of a sip I felt better just didnt last long
  4. DrDylan

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    He is using bicarbonate of soda and stomach protection medication from doctor but its still too much that can't eat anything. I think he will be like that for at least 10-15 days till tren don't clear what you think guys?
  5. Monstar

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    I think he should have run Tren A first to test the waters. Tren has a ton of potential side effects and they vary greatly on individuals and dosage. If he didn't use Tren A first he's simply paying the price as this advice is all over the web. Hell, I'm intimately familiar with Tren A up to >500mg a week and somewhat hesitant to run Tren E in anything but trial modest dosage as a secondary/tertiary compound because even sides for the same person at same dosage can differ with E vs A (or so I've read).
  6. DrDylan

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    Yes buddy, are exact same thing I told him but too late and didn't listen.
    I prefer tren enantate over Acetate due to no cough after pin. But I never had acid reflux or so much digestion problems that he is experiencing..
  7. Monstar

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    I get reflux with Tren A. It's not uncommon. Antacids work fine for it.
  8. Jrock83

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    Glutamine also helps with acid reflux and will settle the stomach. Apple cider vinegar also works.
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  9. DrDylan

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    When I get it from cialis I use bicarbonate of soda one teaspoon in water and fix instantly , but the question there is another, is there something he can do to make tren clear body faster or can only wait?
  10. penche

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    Gonna have to wait it out. Sometimes they gotta learn the hard way. They learn tho. Fast
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  11. Test_Subject

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    I used to just snag a few Nexiums from a friend with a prescription when I ran tren. The heartburn was wicked.

    Now I just don't run tren. Bam, no heartburn.