Trestolone (Ment) vs Trenbolone

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by test>tren, Mar 21, 2017.

  1. test>tren

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    I've been seeing a lot about Ment lately and I was wondering if its actually as good as some of these people selling it make it out to be. (Enhanced athlete) They say it's stronger than tren with none of the side effects. I simply find it hard to believe the claims of people who are selling the product they recommend.

    7 alpha-methyl-19-nortestosterone That is a methyl group correct? Does that imply liver/kidney toxicity like orals? Has anyone used it that could chime in? It even kind of looks like a prohormone to me, but I am far from knowing what the hell i'm talking about there. Heavily researching this shit before I even consider touching it

    Is it actually stronger?
  2. Test_Subject

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    I only know one guy who has taken it, and he was on 2.5mg of letro and 25mg of aromasin a day to control the estrogen from it. It's also quite possible to end up sterile from taking it. That's why it was abandoned as a male contraceptive.

    The gains are supposed to be pretty fantastic, but it's definitely not friendly as far as side effects.
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  3. ironwill1951

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    ment is not a brand new compound and the reason it hasn't been talked about in the past is that it sucks imo.
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  4. test>tren

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    Do you still know the guy? Any idea what happened to him after? Like sterility, permanent shutdown ect?
  5. Test_Subject

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    I certainly have no interest. Seems to me that the chance of developing gyno is ridiculous. There's a reason that the compound was abandoned in the 60s.

    People are trying to make it the next big thing because they can charge top-dollar for it.
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  6. mands

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    No comparison in my book. MENT is garbage.

  7. Test_Subject

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    Yeah, I still know him. Not sure if he's sterile because I've never asked. I know that his pct was a bitch.

    I wouldn't even consider the stuff if you aren't on TRT.
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  8. showstoppa

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    I liked the original trest from pure oils but it's anything by side effect free. In fact it has way more sides than tren.

    But they are different. Imo trest is much closer to deca then tren. It's a Bulker. Tons of estro problems and water weight.

    After using it I don't think I would again. Certainly not over tren.
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  9. Morefyah

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    Now you know two and the estrogen sides you speak are greatly exaggerated!!
    It has its place and it's not garbage. It should not be used as a base to any cycle but as an add on like TNE or tren base it's more of a pre workout. It's not Tren or Test and shouldn't be compared to it. Yet it will still add size and strength and vascularity and will still compliment your cycle,
    Without any of the Tren sides.
    It shouldn't be run for longer than six weeks and at 50 mg Ed, I only needed to use 0.5mg of adex eod. Lol, not 2.5mg of letro everyday. There are hundreds of positive reviews and logs all over the web. So there must be some reason why it's so popular.
    But if meso members say it's garbage and worthless then it really must be completely useless! :rolleyes:
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  10. stone988

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    I have never used it nor do I care to so I cant give an opinion on how it works. I am not a fan of anything acetate, and if you cant make gains from all the other gear out there why would anyone want to play around with something with such nasty estro sides. I am sure it has its place somewhere for someone.
  11. DonQKong

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    You have to look at it from its anabolic/androgenic value.

    The anabolic properties of a steroid helps develop muscle, grows that muscle, and the androgenic properties produce masculine effects.

    If we assume testosterone as the baseline with the following anabolic/androgenic value

    Test 100 / 100

    comparing it with Ment shows a much more potent compound as follows

    Ment 650 / 2300

    Trenbolone shows another setup with

    tren 500 / 500

    So is Ment more powerful? Yes, a lot more powerful, but its also jam packed with sides which the novice user have difficulties navigating. All that conversion is going to bloat you like the Michelin man and give you bitch tits the size of French baguettes over night.

    Which is why test is king. And tren is god.

  12. nervje

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    There will never be better aas than a good old test and tren stack.
    Same goes with sarms or whatever, will never beat the old PROVEN standart compounds.
    Its just..not ment to be.
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  13. mands

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    Don't forget it's 12X supressive :)

  14. m314

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    Trestolone is my favorite compound by far. This is the only board I've read where people say it's garbage.

    It feels about twice as strong as tren, mg for mg. It has none of the nightmare sides I get from tren at an equivalent dose. 25 mg/day trest ace gives me virtually no sides other than 3 or 4 pounds of water weight and some extra bloating with high carb cheat meals.

    It doesn't keep me from sleeping like tren. It makes me feel outstanding all day long, unlike the burned out / irritable feeling I get from tren. It boosts my sex drive like nothing else. It is more effective at building muscle and burning fat than tren, at least for me. I can run longer cycles with virtually no side effects, unlike tren which burns me out in a few weeks. It has no negative effects on my blood work that I've seen. At least at low doses. I've never gone over 30 mg/day.
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    Coincidentally, it's the only unmoderated board.
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    I don't believe reddit censors unfavorable opinions of compounds. They just don't allow source discussion.
  17. m314

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    I'm 41. I did my first cycle at 29, and I've been on year round since I was 33.
  18. ironwill1951

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    if trest is your favorite compound you must have very little experience with a lot of other compounds.
  19. ironwill1951

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    on cycle year round or trt and blast and cruise ?
  20. m314

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    I have experience with pretty much everything except some of the harsher orals. My liver can't handle the stress from methylated orals harsher than Anavar anymore.