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Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Sugar12, Apr 14, 2014.

  1. Sugar12

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    I am married and have two little kids - all that to say I get just about 0 privacy at home. Which means I have to find another place to inject (other than my house). That leaves me with my office. Problem is, I just moved offices and have less privacy and it's a bit too risky.

    Leaves me the bathroom - and trying to bring it in with me.

    Anyone here have some creative ways to do it? Telling me to man up, lock the door and tell my wife and kids to beat it is welcomed..But hoping for more constructive feedback as well.
  2. Undertow333

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    I have 3 kids myself. I go after they are in bed or first thing in the a.m. when they aren't up. My wife knows and does some of my shots when I am home and being lazy . :) She is a nurse and tends to be better at it than me. I jab that that shit in all kinds of bodyparts that I am really not flexible enough to be hitting.[:eek:)]
  3. This. I wake up early for work and pin first thing. Or go late at night when they're in bed. Not that difficult. Better to get caught at home then the office...

    Lock the door.
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  4. ChillBill

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    I have 5 and I find the slivers of time early in the morning when all are asleep or when there at school/daycare and the wife is at work or sleeping.
    Mainly if the young ones are around only, you can slip out for 3 to 5 mins and do the deed.
    basically any chance you get, Like a damn thief/2nd story man :cool:
    If theirs a will theirs a way I do it every day, Had some close calls but still have ninja status. Good Luck.
  5. Beergut75

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    If I were in this situation I would go to the bathroom. There are some places that should always be private and the toilet is one of them.
  6. forzudo

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    My kids already know I don't want to be bothered or conversed with when I'm in the bathroom, so an extra few minutes to pin first thing in the a.m. after my shower is not a problem.
  7. dper726

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    I assume you have to sneak in a quickie here and there right? Why not replace the quickies with a quick pin.... Just kidding lock the doors of the bathroom, it takes 1 min to draw and pin in glute. Good luck
  8. seanchan

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    Or if you can draw and draw extras, just gotta get out of the shower, sanitize, pin, done
  9. seanchan

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    Or you could give her money and tell her to bring the kids shopping while you're at home making dinner to be so romantic, and fill all your needles lol
  10. pumpingiron22

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    Lock the door take a shower. Wipe down keep the shower on and inject I find that the hot water softens the skin for inject and you clean to lol
  11. Millard Baker

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    Are you hiding it from both your wife and kids?
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  12. Sugar12

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    Good question - answer: Wife knows but is far from keen on it. Not so much that she is anti-steroids but more along the lines of not wanting an illegal substance in the house. She always has known I did them and is informed...She just has never given her blessing. So yeah - it's something I need to keep from her, not that it would be a huge deal...I just couldn't convince her that it was OK to have them in the house.

    Here is the side note - I am self employed. So I'm not going to get fired...However it would severely effect my reputation so I need to be really careful. I tend to think there is less risk actually doing at the office - having some preloaded and then going in the bathroom there.
  13. Hiding it from your wife is a recipe for disaster IMO.
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  14. If you got a strong marriage then it should be no problem . You do wear the pants in the family right ?

    "I take hormones to get stronger and thats the way it is and the way its going to be , now get ready to pin my butt , its your new job sweetums"

    ......or something like :D
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  15. Voltrader

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    It is a recipe for disaster hiding from your wife. I just spent time educating her and now actually she keeps me accountable. She will ask about blood work, sometimes she will even ask if I have taken my anti estrogen lately. She seems to know and now as I get to the end of blasts she asks about BP and how I am feeling. Keeping my blood draws on schedule. She reaps the benefits anyways.
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  16. Demondosage

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    Same time and place a married guy with kids beats off, early morning in the bathroom
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  17. I'm a teenager and it sounds like y'all men in your 30s have a much harder time hiding gear. I thought it would get easier
  18. Sugar12

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    It's night and day harder as you get married and have kids. It would be completely different if I was single and/or dating. I can't take a shit without my son barging in.

    I'm not hiding it from my wife - she knows I am doing it. Just not in the house. Yeah...I guess I sound like a huge pussy there..For sure. Blaze away.

    Been married for ten years. There are certain things I can change easily...And others that would take a lot of time and battling. Gaining acceptance to have and do them in the house would take longer than I am willing to work for. It's just easier to do them elsewhere.
  19. Undertow333

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    Does your wife not wonder why you are banging her like a horny teenager??? Mine wasn't real keen on the idea untill She realized what it did in the bedroom. Now she is offering to do injections.:D
  20. Undertow333

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    Please tell me you are not really a teenager using gear. :confused: