Triptorelin restart experiment (Pharmaceutical grade)

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    Hey fellas, quick background of my steroid usage over the past 4 years. First cycle was 12 week. Second 6 months blast and cruise. Third 9 months blast and cruise. Fourth 8 months blast and cruise. About 3 months in between each one. Definitely not enough time to recover and yes I did full clomid/nolva pct every time. As of steroid usage, I used deca once, tren several times, masteron several times and Anadrol. Never went super high on any dose. Basically the lowest dose you would take for any of those compounds.

    I definitely was never gifted with the ability to recover easily! I never felt recovered before I went on again. Every time I went off, it got progressively worse. This last pct was pretty rough and still is. I’m almost 4 months off and I plan on being off forever. I feel pretty decent overall, only thing I suffer with is ed and no libido whatsoever. My dick is practically useless even with a double dose of viagra. At 25 years old, it’s an absolute nightmare. I’ve been waiting praying for some improvement but absolutely nothing. It’s extremely mentally taxing and I don’t know if I can continue this for much longer. Everyone says to wait and give it time but my morale is pretty low and it feels like things will never improve.

    So I have Diphereline (triptorelin embonate) on the way and should have it within two weeks. I feel like there aren’t any good logs where there was real pharmaceutical grade triptorelin used.

    As far as bloodwork, I have gotten three since my last pin. One was about 8 days after last pin, then I got one on second week of pct. Good thing to note here is that lh and fsh were elevated due to clomid and nolva and testosterone was 770. This means that my testicles are not permanently atrophied. About 2.5 weeks after I finished my pct protocol, my bloodwork came back with total test 342 and pretty low range fsh and lh. I could upload pictures if anyone wants to see the results. This last blood test was done January 2, 2018. It is now February 12, 2018 and I have felt no improvement. As a matter of fact, I feel worse than I did a month ago. It’s almost as if once all the pct drugs cleared, I had a crash. I was at least able to use viagra to reach erection and did have sex several times during pct. Now I am completely incapable of doing that.

    I think it’s pretty safe to say my test and lh/fsh are lower end at the moment. I’m guessing probably under 300 total test. I will get bloodwork right before using 100mcg of pharm triptorelin. I will also add nolvadex 20mg every other day post injection. I will run the nolvadex for about 30 days. Then wait a few weeks and get blood work. I will document everything I feel during this time period. After months of being sexually shut down, I will be able to tell very clearly when if any improvement is made.

    I also have a blood test scheduled for July. So that will also be posted here to see the true long term effects of triptorelin and nolvadex combo.

    There’s so much scaremongering going around about this peptide that it’s making me nervous. I have contacted two guys on some of the forums that used the same diphereline I’m going to use and they both had success with it which has made me pretty confident that at the very least, I won’t destroy my hpta like everyone is so scared of. Triptorelin acetate is what you’ll find on research chem sites. This is the shortest acting ester and it’s what everyone says is the trip you need to use for our purposes. Pamoate is a longer acting version and embonate is the LONGEST ester.

    When diphereline is used to treat prostate cancer, otherwise known as chemical castration, the dosing protocol for complete hpta shutdown is as follows:

    3.75mg once a month
    11.25mg every three months
    22.5mg every 6 months

    This is the source for that info:
    Further Detailed Information on Treatment and Side Effects | PCFA

    Clearly those doses are way higher than what we would take for a pct. Keep in mind, triptorelin can be very harmful for bone mass and cause a lot of health issues in that regard. It’s not necessarily a ‘healthy’ drug to take at those dosages. So I assume that in the medical field they have figured out that 3.75mg is the lowest dose, to successfully castrate and have minimal negative effect to the skeletal system. I would say that’s a safe assumption. I don’t think they would use higher dosages than necessary considering how detrimental it can be in long term. This also gives me confidence that at 100mcg, I should be pretty safe.

    So that’s the run down. Please anybody that has any good valuable information or tips, chime in. Anybody who has used it, share your experiences. My goal is to provide everyone on the internet with a real life experience, fully documented and backed up with blood work experiment with legitimate triptorelin. Hopefully this will provide others some insight and it will help change the way we recover from steroid usage.

    Thanks everyone! Stay tuned
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    GnRH Therapy
    In patients with an otherwise intact pituitary gland
    and hypogonadotropic hypogonadism, synthetic GnRH
    can be given in a pulsatile fashion subcutaneously through
    a pump every 2 hours. GnRH therapy is monitored by
    measuring LH, FSH, and testosterone levels every 2
    weeks until levels are in the normal range, at which point
    monitoring can be adjusted to every 2 months. GnRH can
    be used to initiate pubertal development, maintain virilization
    and sexual function, and initiate and maintain spermatogenesis.
    In most patients, these effects may take from
    3 to 15 months to achieve sperm production (73). As with
    gonadotropin therapy, fertility can be achieved with very
    low sperm counts—often in the range of 1 million/mL.
    GnRH may be more effective than gonadotropin stimulation
    in increasing testicular size and initiating spermatogenesis
    in many patients with hypogonadotropic hypogonadism

    This is regarding Gonadorelin, not Triptorelin. Thought I'd share
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    Be careful
    you only got one shot so it must be timed perfectly
    at first GnRH increase LH, FSH but continued use will suppress them. Google their use in prostate cancer, at first they worsen symptoms (from increased LH, FSH, testosterone) but at the end they'll reduce them.

    I'd leave GnRHs as pct finishers.
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    Yes, there was a study using diphereline and they injected 22.5mg into test subjects. It took 18 days for the decrease in testosterone to be castrate levels. That’s a massive dose in my opinion.
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    Were they daily injections for 18 days, 22.5 mg total
    or 22.5 mg all at once on day 1?
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    One time injection of 22.5mg.
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    So apparently they privatemd labs won’t give me bloodwork cause I’m a nj resident. Plan b was to call my gp that ordered a lipid panel and ask if she could throw in there test, lh and fsh. She refused and said that she wants my endocrinologist to monitor that. My Endo is a complete waste of time and money.

    What these doctors don’t understand is I could really care less about either one of their opinions. My endo is borderline retarded. I just need the damn lab order!!

    But I guess I won’t have pre bloodwork done unfortunately. I kinda already know what the results will be anyway, but I wanted to have a before and after. I guess not. I’m still taking the shot and I already have a lab order for July. So I guess we’ll how it worked after the fact.
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    Just curious if you can get bloodwork in another nearby state with no prescription
    maybe privatemdlabs in PA or DE?
    (they don't seem to have labs in NY or NJ)
    Locate a Private MD Online Lab Testing Patient Service Center Near You
    Interstate tourism and bloodwork in one trip.
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    I’m not sure how it works. I tried ordering it and going to pa but for the payment, there isn’t even an option for New Jersey when it asks for billing address. I’m not sure how it works, could I lie about the address? Do they check ID at the lab? Do they mail results or can you check online?
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    IDK but you can ask them.
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    Alright update, so I wasn’t able to get bloodwork. Anyways, I just got the trip and pinned it 10 mins ago. I actually did make some improvement in the past week. I was able to force an erection better than I have been. Slightly more morning wood. I tried a viagra and levitra, which got me hard enough to penetrate. Still not great. Still have severe ED.

    I will update tomorrow.
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    How much are you injecting? is it 22.5 mg? If so, why did you choose this dose? It is a dose for ADT.
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    No sir, 100mcg shot.
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    Nuts definitely hanging low. About 2 hours post injection.
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    Well I woke up today and didn’t feel anything different. I’ve seen guys say that the day after they feel a libido boost/morning wood. Nothing for me as of yet. Balls are for sure hanging down low.
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    Update. It’s been 4 days since injection. I have noticed a sense of well being since I took it. Nothing crazy but I’ve been overall more lively. My balls are for sure bigger and hanging real low. I wasn’t severely atrophied but they were a little tight. I can say with certainty that it has definitely plumped up my balls.

    As far as libido and ed goes, I have had zero improvement. Erections are almost impossible to come by. No morning wood sadly.

    A lot of people claim that they get a blue balls feeling for a few days, I personally haven’t. I think it’s because my balls never fully atrophied and they’ve been functional.

    So far, I think it has elevated my testosterone. I have a lab order and I’m gonna wait another 10 days or so to go get the bloodwork done. Hopefully it’s good news. The most important thing for me is to get libido and erectile function back. So we’ll see. I’m hoping that maybe after a few weeks of having a good testosterone level in my body, that stuff is gonna start making improvement.

    Also I decided not to use nolvadex because I want to stop taking drugs that are affecting my hpta.
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    Bro, there are a million posts like this on every forum.

    The problem is you used tren. For a good number of men, drugs that bind strongly to androgen receptors (like propecia) seem to cause permanent to semi-permanent damage. The mechanism is not entirely understood at this time. Some people recover in time, some never do.

    Triptorelin is a snake oil of the bro forum world. It has never been studied for the purpose you are attempting. There is one random anecdote from Italy from like 10 years ago, and that's it.

    Really, time is the only thing you have to deal with. The reality is a huge number of guys have similar problems for a few months after using tren, but it gets better.

    While I doubt your triptorelin experiment will work, give it a go. In a few months, when it's clear it didn't work, get some known good clomid from, or wherever. Just run 12.5mg every day for a year. Then give it a few months clean, and see where you're at.

    In the meantime, put bodybuilding dreams behind you.

    At 25, you are more than capable of lots of cardio every day. I would recommend high intensity runs for 1 hour every other day. Start slowly, don't get discouraged, and just run as fast as you can. Get an Apple Watch to keep records. On non-running days, do whatever you like. I recommend boxing if you're in a big enough city with a decent club. Swimming would be the next choice. Bicycling is better than nothing, but if you're in a city, it's hard to get the intensity up. Finally, there are all the cardio machines in the gym. It's boring. Get an iPad and watch Netflix.

    The Apple Watch 3 is ideal for tracking all of these cardio pursuits.

    I recommend the cardio for 2 big reasons:
    1) Depression is probably a component of your condition, and heavy duty cardio is proven to be one of the best cures.
    2) A lot of bros in your situation give up, get fat, and that just makes things worse.

    You can do strength training, but stop lifting heavy. Do high reps of low weight. I would aim for a 5-day isolation split.

    Day 1: Back (Pullups, lat pulldowns, rows, LIGHT deadlifts, back extension machine)
    Day 2: Shoulders (presses, flys, shrugs)
    Day 3: Legs (squats, leg presses, leg curls, etc.)
    Day 4: Arms (bicep curls, french press, close grip bench press, etc)
    Day 5: Chest and abs (wide grip presses, incline, straight, decline, chest flys, situps, leg lifts, and side situps or better yet, hanging from a pullup bar).

    If you are exhausted from this routine, you are lifting too heavy. Drop the weight down. Do a minimum of 3 sets of 8-10 reps for each exercise. You should be able to do this program in 30 minutes.

    Take the low dose clomid, do an hour of cardio 6 days a week and strength training 5 days per week.

    Stop thinking about your dick, your balls, sex, girls, etc. Meditate, keep a journal, read. Start to focus on real philosophy and the questions of what is good, beautiful, and true. A good, easy place to start is Daily Stoic | Stoic Wisdom For Everyday Life. Get their great translation of Marcus Aurelius's Meditations. Remember Nietzsche's great maxim:

    "My formula for human greatness is amor fati (ed. love your fate): that one wants nothing to be different, not in the future, not in the past, not for all eternity. Not only to endure what is necessary, still less to conceal it — all idealism is falseness in the face of necessity — but to love it"

    You are at what is likely one of the most difficult times of your life, but you must wake up every morning and love your fate.

    Eat healthy. Consume about 3-6 raw egg yolks (not whites) per day. Cholesterol that has not been oxidized by heat is what all your hormones are made from. Raw egg yolks ensure you have all the necessary nutrients to recover. Raw egg whites have enzyme inhibitors that impair digestion. Put it in a smoothie. Avoid restaurants, make fresh food from the best ingredients you can afford.

    Don't drink alcohol or do any recreational drugs. If you still feel bad in 6 months, or have difficulty concentrating or getting motivated, we can talk about psychiatric meds later. Remember that you don't "feel" depression and anxiety when it becomes a clinical problem. If you don't want to come back to the forum, just do NOT take any SSRI drug. They will give you ED.

    This might sound like a tough road, but you will be better for it in the end.
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    Hey man, thank you for your input. Very inspiring and good advice.

    I think you’re completely right about tren. I think that’s what is causing my condition. Time is my friend right now and I’m praying for the best. At the end of the day, the effects of tren on the brain is the reason why I’m havin the issues I’m having. I am optimistic that I will recover, at least partially, in time.

    I will have to disagree with you that triptorelin is a “snake oil”. I can’t debate that right now because I don’t have any solid evidence from my use as of yet. I will comment on it’s effects later on. I think you’re right, it won’t work in the aspect of fixing my low libido and ed. That’s something that’s separate from low testosterone. So if the triptorelin does increase my testosterone, my low libido will most likely persist for a long time. It’s very difficult to be patient with that at my age. I unfortunately have to avoid many situations just because I know I can’t perform and it’s devastating. I’m going through a very tough time.

    I will try my best to allow my body to recover from the effects tren has had on me psychologically. Right now, I could really use some improvement just for my morale but it most likely won’t happen for a long time. I’m praying in a year, I will be in a much better place.

    I will comment again when I get bloodwork done next week.

    P.s as an update, I have noticed my balls are no longer hanging the way they were initially after the trip shot. They have retracted a bit. They’re not shrunken but they aren’t as plump as they were for the first week.
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    Also I’m curious on why you compare tren to propecia? Could you provide any evidence you have on trenbolone and it’s effect on 5 alpha reductase and why it would cause similar effects as finasteride, which is a 5-AR inhibitor?