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    When any of you guys make TrNE, do you end up with gunk stuck to the sides and bottom? I used 2%BA, 20%BB, 20%GU and straight EO as the carrier. I’ve tries it several different ways and the best way I’ve come up with yet is to add all ingredients except BA and heat on the stirrer/hot plate to 225F and then kept it spinning til cool. Added BA around 125F. I stopped heating and began cooldown when I saw a dark residue sticking to the bottom of the beaker. According to Mr. Google, the melting point of tren Base is 338F so I don’t think the raws should be being harmed at 225F. This stuff is stubborn...:confused:
  2. Iron Vett

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    I guess I need to say that I was attempting this TrNE at 50mg/ml
  3. TrNE sucks to make and isn’t worth the hassle for me.
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    I've made it at 50mg/ml with a 2ba/5gu/40bb ratio. It was filtered with a syringe filter, no issues or gunk or anything.

    I used it a few times and eventually the vial rotated to the back of my stash area. It ended up looking cloudy and like something you wouldn't want to pin but it was there for a loooong time.
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    Thanks. I’m starting to think it’s the EO that’s causing the gunk. The first try I dissolved the raws in a pure 40% ratio amount of BB and it looked great until I added the EO. Then it clouded up and made gunk. The next two tri s I began with the EO in the beaker from the start. I believe I am going to try your recipe with 1 or2 more percentage point of GU. Edit: And the carrier will be pure mct

    Thanks man
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  6. Iron Vett

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    I’ve still got s few grams of raws left so I’m not willing to throw in the towel just yet lol
  7. Dr JIM

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    EO as the primary solvent ?

    Are you aware EO has been associated with VAGUE adverse effects when used as a Progesterone solvent.

    I know maybe @Robfromga can help
    since he had similar problems, lol !

    Nonetheless if solute such as TrNE is insoluble or demonstrated limited solubility in the primary solvent, in this case EO, the addition of excipients such as BB and GU is usually fruitless endeavor.

    I’d suggest you try more traditional solvent such as CSO or GSO.

    All that being said it’s more likely than not your TrNE is contaminated with chemical insolubles.

    You could conduct analytical testing for
    confirmation BUT bc “like dissolves likes” the chances of product
    contamination increases markedly if a similar failure occurres with traditional
    AAS oils.

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  8. Dr JIM

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    Actually I’ve another suggestion based upon the remote possibility the EO is the problem.

    Try solubilizing a small amount of TrNE in BB alone, if that doesn’t work sorry but chances are the raw is bunk mate.

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  9. ickyrica

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    I used mct as well. Important info : )

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  10. janoshik

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    tren No Ester degrades much faster than other stuff, so that fits.
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    Thanks @Dr JIM. I didn’t know about EO causing problems with a Progesterone. I am going to try it again with only BB and GU since the on first try, the tren base went into solution great in the BB and then went to sludge when I tried to add EO.
  12. Dr JIM

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    IDK what you and other members are using as solvents but they MUST ALL be USP-NF and sterilized for pharmaceutical use, as the example below.

    This is critical bc non standardized solvents can result in not only problems with solubility but also in-vivo side effects.


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    Everything’s better in Texas.
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    I see, have you tried EO ALONE? Is the EO of USP/NF quality? If not then the EO may be the problem rather than the TrNE.
  15. Dr JIM

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    In many respects that’s true, but their illicit drugs of abuse laws are to conservative IMO
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  16. Iron Vett

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    Yes I tried EO alone the second time. Terrible mess lol. I was scraping crap out if that beaker for quite a while. The EO is USP quality from MedLabs.

    Edit: All of my solvents that I use are USP grade. I don’t use the industrial grade stuff
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    I'd agree that getting the best quality is paramount, not just with solvents but also the carrier.
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  18. Dr JIM

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    Ok as I mentioned earlier try another standard oil such as CSO or GSO
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  19. Curious why you suggest either of these over say MCT, or is it due to suspecting EO to be not up to standards?
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  20. @Iron Vett

    tren Base is a bitch and probably not worth the effort. When you hear your sludgy cloudy mixture up does it become clear? Tren Base has a cloudy look like red mud when it crashes. Lots of solvent is necessary when working with it and contrary to the bullshit being spread across the internet EO is not a strong solvent and I would never use it alone. I’ve been told by some that have made it at 50mg/ml that 20-35% guaiacol was used in addition to 20-30%BB, no thanks.
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