TRT and fertility

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    So I will be meeting my
    Doctor in a few weeks and I’m I’ll be going in TRT. Current test level is 315 which is horrible for me. Questions is people’s experience with TRT and trying to have kids? My woman wants one in next year or so...
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    You’ll be fine .. I got a few friends who got their women pregnant.. they been on for years
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    Rough figures are that 50% of people maintain spermatogenesis with trt at normal parameters (say 750 tt). That figure goes down as you increase dose of test / tt. Of the 50% that lose sperm production roughly half of those can maintain sperm count on an hcg regimen.

    If you want to be sure freeze some sperm. 400 bucks. Make sure to take hcg weekly to increase odds. I know a ton of people who knocked up their girl on a gram of tren a week.... I lost all sperm production on a trt dose and just had to go through a year long restart nightmare. You think 315 is bad- try 147 with 3 tt while you wait months for spermatogenesis to complete the life cycle... and then trying to have sex with the test levels of a 12 year old girl. Better safe than sorry.
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    I was on TRT and hcg (3 TPW) combo for this very reason.

    Our son is now 12 weeks old and doing fine
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    Damn man that’s for the feedback. Good to know it isn’t an end all for baby making. Thanks for the advice and will make a plan including hcg regimen.

    Hope all is going smoothly for you now though. Sounds like you went through some hell to get things moving again!
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    My first TRT protocol was hcg mono-therapy because I wanted to preserve fertility while increasing natural test levels. If having kids is important to you and its in the immediate future, my best recommendation to you is to try HCG mono-therapy because
    1) it will get your natural test to increase in HCG dose dependant manner
    2) will not affect your sperm in a negative way but instead help improve the quantity and quality of sperm
    Since your test level is 315 implies your testes are functional and therefore, you are a good candidate of HCG therapy.

    Every one is affected differently by exogenous test injections prescribed under TRT protocol. Why not maximise your fertility with HCG instead of taking chances with exogenous test injections? At least, bring this up with your doctor and ask for his or her opinion on it.

    with 1000ius of HCG EOD, my natural test levels rose from 200 to around 700. The only thing you have to watch out for is the rise in estrogen with high doses of HCG and you can resolve this with AI which was prescribed to me by my endo/urologist.
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    And leydig desensitization can be an issue.
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    You are absolutely right brother about that. I asked the endo that very same question and he told that it can happen and going off of hcg for a few weeks will remedy the desensitization issue. But if one does blood work every couple of months, then you will be able to tell if your testes are responding similar to the baseline comparing at least the endogenous test levels.

    Have you ever used high dose hcg for several months at a time and Did you ever experience desensitization ? It is always good to compare to others experience even though we are all different.
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  9. I’ve looked thru pubmed and haven’t yet found anything about real life examples outside of rats, could be there and I haven’t found it. I have come across studies where guys are on 3000iu eod for months on end or even 5000iu 2x-3x per week or eod for 6 months with no issue. Been searching for actual examples, I’ve only come across feelzz reports from overly nervous individuals or theories so far.
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  10. Here’s a couple helpful studies, basically those who started hcg with trt at 250iu eod had only 7% less ITT levels (intra-testicular testosterone) and at 500iu eod had a 26% increase in ITT levels, and one year follow up showed no changes in sperm parameters from baseline. Without it I think it’s closer to 2/3 that will have affected sperm counts.

    Preserving fertility in the hypogonadal patient: an update

    Indications for the use of human chorionic gonadotropic hormone for the management of infertility in hypogonadal men
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    You should get a semen analysis to see where you actually are. A T of 315 really doesn't mean much regarding fertility. If you have been using AAS within a few months, then it will be reduced ... but unless you test you don't know.
    Discuss it with your doctor. If wife wants a kid in a year or two, discuss clomid or Anastrozole (one of my docs uses the latter for infertility). Both these will raise T and fertility. If you start TRT now, then you may make it difficult to have kids.
    Unless you are rich, don't dismiss the cost of medical intervention to get a kid with low (or frozen) sperm. Also the increased potential for birth defects.
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    Will do this for sure before I implement anything.
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    Thanks for this information. This was a great read.
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