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    Im 47 yo and I just started trt 4 weeks ago 200mg.test Cyp per week. My test level before treatment was 201 so Im already feeling better more energy, libido...ect. I have been working out for 25 years and never could get muscle gains until now. I have gained about 8 pounds and have been doing great in the gym, My question is How big can you get from 200mg of Cyp per week? I know most of you guys run a lot more than that, any idea on what kind of gains I can expect?
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    Depends a lot more on your diet, workout, and genes than the absolute amount of test injected.
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    Only time will tell. As @grey said, edit, intensity in the gym and individual potiential will all factor in to your end result.

    Take it serious and you should notice so very nice gains. Good luck.
  4. Yeah bro 200mg of some pharma grade stuff can put you around 1600 to 2000 test levels, which is enough to definitely make some solid gains. Here's the problem jerking in the beginning will come quickly but will taper off with time. the longer you're on test the more difficult the gains will be to attain. You'll have to use more test and other compounds to get similar results bro. Everybody is amazed with their first cycle. I always hear "I put on 20-30 pds. And I can't wait to do it again" .... Good luck with that buddy.
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    I've been on TRT for a year. Started at 160mg per week, now I am at 180mg per week. I have put on almost 25 pounds in that year, and I still fit in the same jeans as before. I've still got a ways to go, as I was skinny-fat before so I still have to trim this belly off. At least now when I cut I won't look like a concentration camp victim.
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    Thanks for the replies! I have been trying to eat a lot of protein tuna, baked chicken and more vegies / salads. Im 5' 11" 195 with probably 20% bf so I do need to lean out but Im waiting until I get my 6 week bw done. The weight I've gained might be some bloat? but my pants still fit good.

    I will try to be easy on the jerking! lol.
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    brother you need to count the calories of every meal.. if you're wanting to put on size you need to find out what you BMR is

    go here and fill this out

    it will calculate your BMR. Then you need to count everything you eat (i suggest 'myfitnesspal' an app you can download that counts the calories for ya) you'll be amazed at how little you're actually consuming.. if you wanna put on some serious size start tracking your calories and keep the protein to 1.5 - 2.0g's per kg of bodyweight. You will see incredible results if you do this
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    1 year ago I found out I was in need of trt. That was my introduction to steroids. Once I realized trt and steroids were the same thing I joined meso and read up. More or less those 2 things happened the same time as I was researching my symptoms.

    My first cycle was 500mg of test and the fact I was a skinny fat beer swilling fiend way under muscled and my body was testosterone depleted I quickly put on mass. That's where you hear these incredible gains coming from.

    I went from 6'1 243 with 38" waist and 44" chest 16" arms
    6'1 265 with 34" waist and 52" chest and a set of 18" arms

    That was only my first cycle.
    These numbers are not made up. I recorded all measurements before hand.

    Trt keeps me in line between "blasts"
    So yes 200mg of test can maintain my now 280 lbs however I'm not doing much building off that dose :)
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    Thanks for the links... looks like I need even more protein. I will keep up the work in the gym, I have been lifting for years but now its a hell of a lot more fun when I get results!
    Do you guys recommend any cardio? A few months ago I was running 3 miles a few times a week on a treadmill until a f'd up ankle caused me to stop. The ankle is healed up and I could probably start running again.
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    If your goal is cardiovascular endurance you can train at approx. 65% of your max heart rate! which would be 220-age. If you want to go for fat loss, you can try HIIT training (AM Fasted optional) about 3x a week for 10~15 minutes maybe build up to 20. On two other days of the week, do Some lower intensity cardio for endurance, like the previously mentioned 65% of MHR.
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