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Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by colorado75, Oct 16, 2012.

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    colorado75 Member

    Hi - I was wondering if I could get some help here. My stats:
    11% bf
    -a few cycles run previously.
    Last month, I had my blood work done and the doc said all looked good except that I had "very low" test levels = 359 - range 348-1197. He suggested 200 mg test cyp a month (one injection). SO, my first question is is this a substantial dose for TRT? On the 3 cycles I have run, I have been at 400-500 mg per week of test prop. I had low test before I ever did a cycle as well, 261 range 250-1100. Previously, I felt great while taking test on cycle. Additionally, I went on cycle 3 weeks ago and am on Test Prop, tren, and Mast ( with hcg, aromasin, and caber). My secondary question here is, do you think I am screwing myself by using Tren? I know Tren causes big time test shutdown, however wouldn't the test prop be making up for the shutdown? I ask this because I still feel really drained like before I ever went on cycle and in between cycles. Thoughts?

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    MANWHORE Member

    I don't think tren shuts down the HPTA
    HARDER than anything else that shuts it down.
    Maybe faster but once it's shut it's shut.

    I never understand why people say this

    If anyone is going to recover faster, I pick the
    guy coming off a Tren only cycle before the guy
    coming off a Test only cycle, since the estrogen
    left over from the Test cycle, will keep the HPTA shut down.

    BTW 1,800mg Tren in a week doesn't
    feel any better than 600mg/week.
    I actually prefer the 600 but 800 is max.

    O, except for the vascularity... The extra Tren does make
    a difference there, but it is still nice at 600
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    colorado75 Member

    I am questioning if the nurse that called me to give me the results did not relay the message correctly about frequency of dosage. I'm looking over the report and am (shockingly) barely able to read my doc's handwriting. His note states 'testosterone 200 mg 1 M Q month' - I'm wondering if that in fact is 200 mg a week?
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    MANWHORE Member

    If he's not an endocrinologist, don't even bother with him

    and leave the tren for the big boys ;)
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    colorado75 Member

    You are right about the endo, I need to get on that tomorrow.....and the a not so big guy frowns :( The truth on this one hurts....
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    MANWHORE Member

    Sucks having low test..

    Lowest mine was when I got it checked
    was something like 150ng

    I guess I felt OK, but I like having a sexdrive
    and energy... Just feeling like an animal, in general
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    Sworder Member

    Good luck to you :)

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