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    JackBNimble Junior Member

    I have a friend in his 40s he's on HRT through his doc 300mg of test cyp per week.

    He's scheduled for his regular blood work. He's been running some extras
    for the last 12 weeks specifically 500 mg of Sus +600mg of Deca.

    Here's his question. If he stops today how long before his levels return to
    the high normal range? 2 weeks? 3? 4? Let me know he needs info ASAP.
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    eeso Junior Member

    So he's running 300 cyp + 500 sust + 600 deca?

    Deca is the one that could be harder to judge as the half life is so long...
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    JackBNimble Junior Member

    No cyp just the sus & deca 1100mg total.
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    JanSz Junior Member

    In the table "Injectables"
    Input what he took yesterday or last time.

    Klick "View Diagram"
    Diagram will give you blood levels for the next 51 day
    I am not sure what is nuber for high normal, but if he knows that number then from the diagram he can figure out the day yhat he will be at that number.
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    JanSz Junior Member

    To create example,
    I input (only on the day 1)
    161 --- Total mg in blood/day
    138 ----Total mg in blood/day
    To make it valid you have to input all your doses for some period in the past, say 4-8 weeks
    There is a button "View no. of weeks "
    You can adjust span of time that the calculator will consider
    I newer used this calculator before, there may be more to it.
    On the top of the page there are assumptions about half lives and a waste factors.
    What is the desirable "Total mg in blood"
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    JackBNimble Junior Member

    Great tool! Thank you!

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