"TRT" cruise... betweeen cycles?

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  1. After a nice long run of Primo and then Var this summer, BlueDress came off everything in late September. Prior to the cycle, she had been on estradiol patches to control post-menopause symptoms - really just brutal hot flashes. While on cycle, she had no symptoms and was loving life along with all the other benefits of the cycle.

    Now that she's been off for almost 8 weeks, she had not returned to using the estradiol, and she is suffering with hellacious hot flashes. She said, ideally she'd love to be on Var forever, but knowing that is impossible, would perhaps female TRT help alleviate some of the symptoms as well?

    I had read about it and from what we learned, some females take between 15-20mg a week of T -cyp/enthanate a week as female TRT successfully. I was a little leery of it. I know there is more to manage for women including progesterone which testosterone doesn't completely address - DrJim wrote about this. Plus BlueDress's voice was starting to get affected right at the end of last cycle and we cut it short. There's some apprehension to taking something so much more androgenic long term.

    Three days ago , I relented for her to try a little. She took only 10mg of T-Cyp... Libido when up right away (more than anything she's had in the past!), however it didn't seem to do anything for her hot flashes.

    This morning she finally slapped on an estradiol patch - which she hated to do, but my poor girl was just miserable burning up.

    I appreciate any thoughts or advice from anyone who knows more or has experience.
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    My wife had good results with test pellets. I would be very careful self administering trt to a female. The side effects can be permanent.
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    My wife has uzed primo in the past with great results.

    Recently she had to have a full hysterectomy. Well afterwards she had horrible hot flashes and was a raging lunatic. So i decided to give her 20mg test cyp(script) a week until her dr and her could finally discuss her hrt.

    Bottom line it did the trick. When we met with her dr. Who is quite awesome and open minded i told him what we did. His only question to her was did it resolve symptoms. The med he wanted to give her was not covered by insurance. But they covered test cyp.

    Dr said 20mg weekly the bw in 3 months. If her test is high or any side effects he will have to change to a compound pharm to get the dose lower. He hates oral test preps but wife is not wanting to do pellets
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    My girl does it, works great, she takes no estrogen, and the hot flashes went away as the test kicked in after a couple of weeks. Takes about 10 mg test c twice a week sub q
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    My 48 yr old wife was on progesterone and still suffered from hot flashes and pre-menopausal symptoms. After much research, she began using 15 mg test cyp per week, split into 2x 7.5 mg Mon. and again on Thursday.

    Hot flashes disappeared, menstrual cramps became easier and libido shot thru the roof. No virilazation symptoms after 9 months using. She has so much more sensation during sex and body fat has begun to drop as the months tick by. She works out and recovery has been easier/better.

    I wish there were more understanding of women and low dose test...
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