Trt guys who say 150-200mgs wk

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    My question is I read many threads of guys saying I’m anywhere between 150-200 mgs a week am I feel this or that , and my libido is this or that , energy this or that ... point is , do they really mean they are not consistently taking the same amount per week ?? Like are they taking 160 one week , then 180 another , then 160 , then 200 ...... ????

    I always thought ya needed to stay on the exact same amount every week say 180 ew for 6 weeks or your body will reset and start over for trying to dial in your levels .... ??
  2. Yea I have no clue what a “body reset to dial in your levels” means. Natural T levels can fluctuate quite a bit throughout the day, week, month, year. Idk why dudes are obsessed with “stable levels.”
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