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    New to forum, but been reading lots on here, tried to follow guidelines and post as much detail as i could.

    2 kids , 34m 225 6'4 , extremely active, ex college athlete , competive crossfiter, ex triathlete still run swim, etc..

    No prior AAS use until now , and no ED problems prior..

    Had my blood done before

    Estradiol - 15
    IGF1 - 200
    TOTAL T- 228
    FREE T - 42.4
    SHBG - 21

    Wanted to go straight on T but doctor wanted me to first see if my body could produce its own with hcg so for 4 weeks went on the following

    2000iu HCG 2x per week
    1/2 Arimdex every other day

    Started to feel slight ED during this , only in afternoon or night, morning wood was normal and woke up once or twice @ night with erection. Wrote it off to being something mental in my head..Got my blood work done after week 4 and

    Estradiol - 40
    PREGENELONE - not tested
    IGF1 - not tested
    TOTAL T- 962
    FREE T - 203
    SHBG - not tested

    also cholesterol dropped from 235 to 190.

    Was in a car accident 9 months ago so doctor is thinking that i had some type of brain trauma to cause my body to shut down. Only thing he said to watch is that Estro went up a little more then he had have liked.

    wanting the physical benefits as well as maybe helping my minor ED issue I still wanted to go on T even though the HCG seemed to get my levels on the higher side,

    was put on this

    200 test injection 1x per week (every 7 th day)
    Took the HCG down 1000iu twice per week (which in my head i was thinking he should have brought down more after reading a lot about doses and not seeing many people as high as mine, but went along with the doctor program)
    1/2 armidex every other day..

    I am on my 5th week and get my blood work drawn tomorrow , I feel incredible , body composition , cardio, daily energy , and labido is incredible . But still going thru the same minor ED problems , exact same pattern etc..

    First thought or hope is that this is mental, being that i am waking up with morning wood daily and at night, but have slight fear in the back of my head that it could be something else. I have done lots of research thru this and other forums and what i was thinking the HCG should be 250iu twice a week , and that the high HCG dose is somehow messing me up...

    Obviously i will address this all with the doctor when my blood comes back, but was wondering if anyone could offer any short term suggestions or some questions i should be asking ...Thanks for help
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    Is your doctors name Coltrane ?
    NO ONE Rx arimidex at e2=15 except the patient.
    We are all friends here.
    I once took a tad of heroin for a toothache.:)
    so thts how the nw and improved emoticons work. :)
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    He rxd armidex with the hcg before I had even taken it because hcg is very aromatising, even with the armidix my e2 went from 15 to 40, wouldn't it have been much higher without the armidex ? And why be a wise ass, make people not want to post anything .
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    Not sure if I had said this but I was very novice when it came to AAS didn't even know what armidex was till I got to his office , and did lots of research(as much as a novice could do ) before I followed his instructions . Doctor also came from very good reference from people I respect
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    If you knew your asshole from an apple you wouldnt be asking such a rudimentary question.
    Let alone badmouthing some who has spent years trying to educate idiots like you.
    WTF has happened to this place in the past six months?
    Am I wasting my time?
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    14 DHT?

    You have a full head of hair still OP?
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    Apologize if I offended anyone , misunderstood his comments . Just looking for help here , yes full head of hair, don't know why he didn't test me DHT second time.
  10. his dht is low because his T is low . When his T levels and e2 rise his dht will also rise by a lot.
    Op dht test is expensive that might be why it wasn't retested .
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    I've had similiar experience with hcg. Gives me sometimes very strong and emotional libido, but it goes up and down in a matter of minutes and during the day I occasionally have total ED.
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    By the way... 200mg test and 2000ui hcg / week is not TRT, it's doping.
    Most protocols are 100-125 T cyp 1xWk + 250-500ui hcg 2xWk, exactly the half of your dose. And they usually get you in the highest part of the range.

    If you spontaneously decide for less, or your doctor does, don't forget to also lower considerably arimidex.
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    Last week I only did 150 test , and 500 iu hcg , and I actually have seen a huge change , what would you recommend for arimidex? Thanks
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    I can't recommend anything... but based on what I have seen on this forum, most people are fine with 1mg per week in two 0.5 doses.

    I too have played with my dosages, different from what my doc suggested. If you are going to do TRT for life, I guess you have to find:
    1- the minimal dosage of hcg to maintain a normal testicle size. Probably 250ui 2 x week
    2- what dosage of test you need to add to this dosage to have a good Free and Total T (which means upmost part of the range if blood sample is taken the day after injection, or mid-range if it's taken the day before the injection)
    3- once you are sure about the perfect T + HCG dosage, experiment with arimidex: none, 0.5, 1mg or 2mg per week. This is the hardest one to optimize, but it will give you the best results in terms of libido, anxiety, sleep, etc. Give each experiment at least 2-4weeks.