trt injection frequency & subq vs im

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    I read multiple times that EOD is best way to keep E2 levels down, especially when you are also taking hcg to preserve fertility.

    1. I am wondering if EOD brings any benefits also if you don't use propionate but cypionate or enanthate?

    I am planning trt that will include also hcg and I would like to make sure that e2 doesn't go up too much. I was thinking to use propionate Sub Q every day. Does anybody have any personal experience about sub q and estrogen levels? Did it go down or up when you switched to sub q?
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    Test Prop subQ is gonna leave hard itchy nodules/lumps. SubQ can be done, but it's better done with a longer ester.

    Test Cyp can be injected every 72hrs for even levels. Frequent injections provide steady state and keep you from injecting too much at one time that can cause not only E2 problems, but also too much red blood cell production.

    So subQ the hcg(because it doesn't cause any problems with lumps), but I wouldn't take more than 5000IU every other month. No sense in being on it all the time, once you're fertile, you'll have active sperm for up to 72days.
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    There are guys who claim that EOD over 72h provides even less E2 formation. Not sure if this applies also to cyp or just prop.

    I read that a more standard protocol for long term (could be that I want childs in 10 years) seems to be 2x200IU per week.
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    Does more frequent injection increase Free testosterone levels? Anyone?
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    I use a 31 gauge insulin needle to inject .2cc into my bicep twice a week. Easier than weekly glutes injections of .4.