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    So my doctor threw me on TRT about 4 months ago. I felt great, life was good. Turns out he didn't order some pre TRT blood work he was supposed to, LH and prolactin. So told me I needed to come off and get baselines of those two done. Here we are three months later and my LH is still tanked. Now he is saying that I need to get an MRI because the low LH makes it appear to be a pituitary issue. I am pretty frustrated with him, seems he should have ordered these baselines before I started my injections. Anyone else have any similar experience with their doctor doing something similar?
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    Nope. Sounds like he is learning as he goes and you are getting fucked as a Guinea pig. Right now he's documenting his file at your heath and we'll being's expense. Sorry. I don't suffer this kind of foolishness lightly so he'd answer for it. That said I do my own research and never rely on a pcp to get anything specialized correct.