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    So my physician wants labs in 8-9 weeks and I'm mid-cycle. When should I drop everything and just run my TRT dose. Also is there anything I can run with my TRT that won't scew the results or that I can run closer to the labs and drop later.

    Currently running Mast P, Sust, Anavar, Equi, tren A
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    Haven't forgotten the the favor you did me. I'll give this a try. Find it a complicated question so will include my logic. Realize others may disagree.

    Generally speaking you have to take a stable dosage of a drug for 5x it's half life for the drug level to achieve steady state level in the body. Likewise a drug remains in the body for 5x it's half life.

    With respect to sust the test decanoate component has the longest 1/2 life at 15 to 18 days. So I'd reduce the sust 90 days before the lab draw. I assume that's what you use for your TRT. Decanoate has close to the longest half life of the commonly used esters. After the test decanoate has been eliminated you should be back to your TRT baseline pure testosterone level.

    I don't know enough about the testing protocols used for testosterone assay to answer whether other compounds would be detected. Suspect all DHT derived steroids would be but the different compounds would have different LC/MS peaks on the >1500 test. No doubt others better understand this.

    Links for sites that list half lives for the other components of your cycle follow. Estimates vary. Hope this helps.

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  3. Xlgx

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    Drop 4 weeks before at the minimum
  4. kendallkmw

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    I've seen some people say tren won't effect blood work. Any validity to that?
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    I believe it inflates your estrogen numbers by a lot.
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    Realized this morning my math was way off because the decanoate is only 1/4 of the Sustanon. Sorry about that. :oops:

    @Xlgx is on target. After 4 weeks the other 3 esters will have cleared with 30% of the decanoate remaining. That should be good enough.
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    I'm just going to drop the sust and go back to my cyp since my trt is cyp. Im going to kick the equi, tren, and mast all up a notch for the next 5 weeks, and then cruise for 4 weeks before my labs.