TRT level doses, cutting, and doing higher levels of Test later...

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    I haven’t started taking any test yet. I plan on starting a low, TRT level dose (100-150mg/week) in the very near future. I have a couple of questions:

    1) I’m currently on a cut for dat summer body. How will the test dose above affect things? Will there be any water weight gains I should be aware of? Anything I may not be considering by starting trt while in a caloric deficit?

    2) In the future, can I up my Test dose to 500mg/week for 8-12 weeks then return to trt level doses without pct? Would PCT still be necessary? obviously, I’d still have aromatase inhibitors in hand if I decide to go this route. But is there anything else I need to consider?

    I know that’s a lot of shit to unpack but I wanna know what Im about to jump into.

  2. k0rkscrew

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    Hey, first may I ask why you want to go on a TRT dose? Have you had bloodwork and found out you have low T?

    Most ppl will not have sides on just a 100-150mg/week but some may need a low dose AI, good to have on hand.

    In the future yes you could go to 500/week and then just go back to your cruise dose, no pct needed but it still doesnt hurt to get bloods now n then just to make sure.
    Make sure you consider everything if you are going on TRT long term(kids). Lots of info here man, keep researching and take things slow.
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    Yeah, I’ve had bloodwork done. I’m just slightly above the cutoff for clinically low T for my age group (I’m 35). My doc refused to give a script even though, realistically, I’m about as low as you can get and still not be technically in “low t” range.

    I have kids, but I may still put the test with hcg just in case my wife tells me she wants another one in the next few years.

    Thanks for the info
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    This is not the thread I hoped it would be...
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    I’m sorry you had high hopes for for newbie and his stupid questions.

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    No point in a 4 week blast. You’ll be fucking with your hormones to much. Plus hitting week 4 you’ll finally be feeling the full dosage and money tells me you’ll continue for another few weeks
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    I dont think he meant just a 4week blast. I believe he said an 8-12week blast. 2-3months long blast not week 8 thru week 12.
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  8. Vrilbilly14

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    Yes, that’s correct. Sorry for the confusion.
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    I can see how I got confused. Today is definitely not reading comprehension day for me.
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    What where your numbers?
  11. Reno

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    Can you post your lab values?