Tru Labs Pharma?

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    Has anyone ever tried or heard of this lab? I got a free bottle of Tru Labs Pharma Test E 300mg/ml from a friend and wanted to know if anyone has experienced their products. When looking @ the pics below, note that I broke the seal off the top so it was definitely unopened when I got it (it had a blue cap). Thanks for any input. tru1.jpg tru2.jpg
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    No clue about it tbh mate sorry. But I have never seen any Test E with any kind of oil look like that. And I brewed myself with different oils and it never comes out like that.that looks like lime juice or something.
  3. Johnny442

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    Looks like antifreeze!
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    I wouldn’t touch that with a ten foot pole
  5. DrankSlangin

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    Reminiscent of the green tren produced by colossal labs.
  6. It’s one measly bottle of Test....toss that shit in the lose nothing.
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  7. Damn bro, looking righteous in that Avi there!
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    Thank you sir! Much obliged :)
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    Lol my crappy phone camera compensating for the shitty lighting these were taken in doesn't help. I promise it looks completely normal with the naked eye. More or less the same color as of my other non-tren vials from various labs. Also, I'm guessing it's grape seed oil. Either way, it looks way more green in the pics than it really is.
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