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  1. TideGear

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    I'm considering a purchase: 2015 Ford F150 FX4 super crew. Anybody have one or have an opinion on these?
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  2. Sparkyp

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    I’m not a huge ‘gearhead’ (get it lol)
    Nor do I know much on trucks. With that said I do have a 2015 Sierra. I’m trading that in for either a 2019 denali or high country. I used to be a ford guy but switched.
    I asked my mechanic “honestly, what’s better? Ford/Chevy?”
    His reply was “ford has more plastic parts now where Chevy has none”
    He was referring to things under the hood.

    I do think the new f150 limited is sick though.

    As much as I love the Denali/high country I’m not sure I want to drop $70k when I can get a tundra with the same shit for $45k. The most American vehicle is Toyota! The entire thing is built in the US
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  3. Eman

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    F150's are cool... When girls drive them and they're pink.

    In all seriousness, I've had two Ford F250's and been behind the wheel of half a dozen others and they've really never let me down. Two were diesels, which are great when they work but they are definitely high maintenance at times... Especially in winter. Gas are just easier and have plenty of power for what most people are going to use them for.

    I've gone through a lot of vehicles with my job... Both Chevy and Ford, amongst a few others. Over the years, you find that some vehicles that are same make and model just don't last as long as others... Some can take abuse for hundreds of thousands of miles and others need every major component replaced before 100k. The driver makes a difference and maintenance makes a difference but honestly, the difference seems to be pretty negligible. As far as how they drive and handle, that is very much personal preference.
  4. insaiyan93

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    I just wish I had something newer lol

    I drive a 1988 chevy s10, whom I lovingly refer to as "old trashcan joe" the latest update on him is that the key is stuck in the ignition and I have to pull the ecm fuse and disconneCT the battery when I park.

    It's fuckin rad lol
  5. Logan44551

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    "Old trashcan Joe" has character.
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  6. insaiyan93

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    He do, and I love him, first vehicle that I actually paid for and owned. If I had the time, money, and had any mechanical knowledge I would restore it.

    However, he's got 160k on him and I never know when it's gonna be the day where he just doesn't start anymore lol
  7. ickyrica

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    Previous owner knowledge? Guessing it's a 36 month lease that's up for sale now. I had a 1998 f150 that was still on the road until very recently. have to admit that it ended up in central Florida about 10 years ago with my old man so rust wasn't a major issue. Dependable as a mother fucker. I'm loving my 01 gmc 2500hd with a Allison trans but it is rusty. Lol, really rusty these days
  8. Perrin Aybara

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    A friend of my family has one around that year and seems to like it pretty well. It's a King Ranch. We have an F-250 diesel at my work we use sometimes. It's good for towing, but not something I'd want for a daily driver.

    I have an 09 Silverado Z71 and I really like it.
  9. gr8whitetrukker

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    Lets talk
    I got everything you need to know:)
  10. Sparkyp

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    I love the old pickups.
    I need a nice truck for my business because I’m always on the road and doing estimates. If you pull into one of these $5-$6 million dollar homes here with a shit box, you have a real small chance of landing the job. Plus I get my vehicles all decaled out with my company logo and phone number
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  11. gr8whitetrukker

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    Opinions everyone has one. Disregard most because their simply brand oriented and alot cant see past that. Then theirs facts and experiences. Facts are facts period. And experiences vary due to a variety of factors. How well maintenaince was done and how often. Who worked on the truck and if they truck was neglected, abused or modified. Lets start with facts. The ford f150 is the number 1 selling VEHICLE in the US for over 40 yrs straight. Doesnt necessarily point to anything except that for over 40yrs customers keep returning to buy again and again. Certainly suggest MOST are happy does it not? More facts ford generally overbuilds things. Take a look or do any repairs on the suspension or driveline of its competitors you will be forced to admit rather quickly ford has beefier more solid parts.

    Now on to my experiences. I currently own a 2008 f150. Bought and paid for and owned 10 yrs straight. Has the 5.4 and a 4 spd. Has brought my boat to the lake nearly every weekend for most of that time. Has been through countless NY blizzards, drifts, snow banks and what ever god can throw at us. Now it spends its time in the blistering TX heat. Has brought 1 of my kids home from the hospital as a newborn. Survived a tornado. Has seen some of the gnarliest trails our country has to offer. Im a member of rausch creek offroad park. If your in to offroading you know the name. Its nationally renown. Tremont, PA. Alot of companies do certification testing there including ford, jeep, hummer etc. Been on all the greens and most of the blues. Its tough and it takes a beating and drives back home after 12hrs straight offroading everytime. Its moved my family 1600 miles away pulling a trl and a bed full of shit. Cat scaled the mfer at 11,250lbs net weight. And i dragged that half way across the country. Since its taken 8 trips to and from NY pulling or hauling some thing each way. Ive overloaded it, buried it, got it near 80° pulling up a large bouldered ravine, rescued ppl in it and it still burns the tires till i decide when to stop. Even with a bed full of lumber. Ive personally changed the oil in it every 5,000 with a motorcraft filter and motorcraft blend oil per ford suggestions and maintain every thing else by fords recomendations. Its never once quit, sputtered, stopped, broke, acted up, left me high n dry or stranded EVER. Keeps doing what i ask every goddam time. Far from a garage queen. Its my goddam truck and the best one i ever owned. Look at my handle. Whats that tell ya about me? Love my goddam truck
  12. gr8whitetrukker

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    If u want to be traditional go with the 5.0. Has the traditional v8 sound, burble and gas mileage. For some its a comfort thing. Pipe it an enjoy it

    If i was in the market for another f150 it would most certainly be the 3.5 ecoboost. The outgoing 2018 model equipped with the 3.5 ecoboost has the official state police pursuit testing records. Nothing comes even close says the TX state police officially on the record. 375hp and 470lb ft tq makes it the most powerful engine in either half ton, 3/4 ton or 1 ton gas segment. And on paper thats one thing but get this it arrives at a low 3000 rpm! No winding out all 100% useable power band. Any simple google search backs up reviews and performance testing and even my own personal accounts of the few ive driven. Pikes peak testing etc. Infact that lil 3.5 ecoboost curb stomped the hemi and gms 5.3 L up pikes peak pulling a 6500lb trl by the tune of a few minutes. In other words not even close. It pulls harder, longer and takes less of a toll on the engine because it doesnt need high rpms to make power while towing. Put it this way. The 3.5L ecoboost has similar numbers as older diesel engines and has more power than even the biggest big block that last rolled off the line for any manufacturer in a truck. Now a 2015 mpdel is spec'd a lil less than that hp and tq but its fine.

    Another thing about ecoboost is their meant to be driven hard. They have twin turbos so if you make a habit of grandpa'ing it around town all the time condensation builds up in the turbines and effects performance. OPEN IT UP! Once you do the water gets cleaned out. Thats the only problem im aware of and yes thats the official fix for it
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  13. TideGear

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    I think I'm sold guys. It has the 5 liter engine. They are fixing some minor paint damage on the rear quarter panel. I can pick it up next Thursday or Friday, 370 per month and my caddy pays off on the 16th. I appreciate all the replies
  14. gr8whitetrukker

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    Fyi the 5.0 carries the same platform as the 5.0 coyote in the mustang minus a detuning process for truck duty. Sports a forged crank shaft and sleeved cylinders. Its built for performance and the engine itself goes for huge premiums out of the crate or at a pick n pull. Its a fantastic engine. I own a 5.0L mustang and is well known among the performance crowd for durability and its unique ability to respond to boost. Roush makes a super charger that is installed thru ford thats factory warrantied. Goes for about 6-7 k fully installed. No other upgrades needed. 660 hp out the door for the truck application
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    IMG953744.jpg This is it. I'm not crazy about the wheels but I don't hate them either
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    The previous owner put a trailer brake on it, not sure what it's called. It's mounted next to the steering wheel and you can press a button on it to engage the brakes. He obviously used it for work. Do y'all think that is a reason not to buy it? It felt good when I drove it
  17. gr8whitetrukker

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    I thought brake controllers were standard in 2015? Guess not.
    Standard truck stuff. Guessing this is popping your cherry?
  18. TideGear

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    I had a 99 Ford lightning. That was my only truck. Definitely my first 4x4
  19. Xragexx

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    I have a 7.3 f250, and I love it. Pulls an excavator and dump trailer full of concrete I tear out daily. I would not, not buy a truck because of trailer brakes. Just means the owner knew what he was doing when he decided he needed to pull stuff and didn’t want to rely on the truck to stop the load he was pulling.
  20. TideGear

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    Thanks man
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