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Trucoin Opens MasterCard, Visa Bitcoin Buying Services in US

Trucoin maintains KYC compliance with social network login/registrations:

Some reddit users, however, advocated for an alternative to social network login, which requires users to part with this data. Trucoin said that social login has been mandated as it is the fastest way for the company to maintain know your customer (KYC) compliance.

Company representatives also provided hints at what users can expect from the service in the coming months, including the ability for users to pay off credit card balances in BTC.

The company also engaged with reddit users prior to today’s launch, where it revealed it purchases its bitcoin from exchanges and will retain some customer data for seven years in accordance with US law.

Is trucoin the only ones offering this service?
I think Circle also offers it. It is only a backup option at Coinbase.

I don't know about Trucoin. I signed up and complied with KYC/AML a couple of months ago but I never heard back from them afterward.
Does circle cater to Canadians?
Buy With CC (& DEBIT)- MasterCard & VISA - 2.9% FEE
Sell With CC (& DEBIT) - MasterCard & VISA - 2.9% FEE

Buy With Bank Transfer - NOT AVAILABLE
Sell With Bank Transfer - NOT AVAILABLE

Here's a list of countries that can use Circle (compiled from user feedback at Reddit):

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