Trump and UFO sightings?

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    Why UFO sightings sharply declined under Trump admin?

    1 If UFOs indeed come from outer space
    maybe they ain't visiting planet Earth anymore as Trump says 'Deport all illegal ALIENS'?

    2 If UFOs are American-made secret prototypes
    A Shouldn't they be fly-tested more often, in case they were needed to stop North Korea missiles?
    B Maybe they are kept more secret because of the above?

    3 Maybe most of those who badly need something to believe in are libs
    and libs are too busy watching fake news media, daydreaming on impeaching Trump
    as to watch the skies, no matter if #1 or #2?
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    *puts on tinfoil hat*

    You have my attention, go on.
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    Oh man I can't stop laughing