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    Hey,, new member..
    Im not here to ask for nothing other that a observant eye to look over my thread from time to time, just to make sure im still on the right path..
    So my story is................................

    Im 46 and have worked out here and there thru out my life. I actually gave working out my best effort 2014. I worked out for 8 months straight, and then I injured my delt from throwing the weights around with bad technique. And somehow that led into 2 years and some lower back pain.. Well I got a shot and in 3 days it took away the pain, and well I went straight to a keto diet, and started stretching religiously. I added a few push ups here and there, and moved on to running on a treadmill..Started biking, and got myself back to the gym where i have been for a couple months now. I have lost all the pot belly and got some definition...
    So that brings me here.
    I am gonna start next week a cycle of havoc. I took a prohormone once back in 2014 but I got some serious calf cramps that woke me straight out my sleep and hurt so bad i could barely walk and that was at week 3. I got scared, and quit taking them.. Since then I have tried to understand them and the side effects that can come with them. I got some before, after, and post liver pills. I got tomoxifen for post. I got nat test booster to elevate levels as soon as I can after cycle.

    This is my routine I plan to follow.. which was recommended to me.

    Id buy two bottles of just havoc.

    Epistane is fat soluble so you'll want to take it with fat. Shouldn't be an issue on a keto diet obviously. But you want to spread dosing. So the first 2 or 3 days take 10mg morning 10 mg night. Then after that add another cap at lunch or whatever. Then after a week or so of that you can do 40mg. Run that for a few weeks and see how you feel. If you don't feel lethargic or anything I know people take up to 80mg, although 50-60mg is pleennty IMO.

    Typical cycle length is 4-6 weeks. Most people really start to notice it kicking in 3-4 weeks really good, that's why I go 5-6 weeks personally.

    Avoid alcohol while on cycle. Not saying you can't have a beer or two here and there, but if you get drunk you're going to have a hangover from hell. Your liver won't appreciate it

    600mg NAC capsules
    250mg Tudca caps
    Hawthorne Berry caps (500+ mg)
    Taurine capsules.

    Take 2 NAC a day. 2 Tudca a day. 2 Hawthorne a day. You can/should start taking these prior, during, and after the cycle.

    Taurine in 2-3g will prevent the cramping you experienced before.

    I will update the thread as I run thru the cycle. I will start the cycle prob next weekend..
    I was hoping to do this, then maybe try a test /w tren, or whinny in the future.

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    Pro hormones will fuck you up more than gear... Skip it and just juice.. Lol
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    Well what an informational post. Even tho I know what you say does have some ring of truth, just the thought of you being 17 and barely having peach fuzz on your nuts, and doing roids, tells me please God, dont let him be the only one that responds..
    Confirm this with me by having someone with an education that I can trust on this forum, giving me a like so I at least no Im not going forward with just the waterboy here!!!
  4. Ironlord

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    Thanks boss.. Lol. Pushing 40 years old with 23 years of lifting under my belt - PL and strongman.

    Also use the search function... There are a few threads on here about prohormones and you'll easily get all the science based info you need...
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    I'm almost 50 and will agree with the youngster about prohormones. Just juice. Either one will likely have you looking at trt in the near future. Injecting testosterone is all around a smarter safer and more effective way to go.

    Just go for a basic first cycle. Starts off with blood work to see where your General Health and hormone levels are at. 500 mg a week of test e or test C. A well thought-out post Cycle Therapy. aromatase inhibitor on hand. Mid cycle and after cycle blood work. And go ahead and start researching trt because you'll probably end up on it
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    Ha lol,, so you just feel like your 17 so that is why your profile says 17..
    Ok Im cool with that. Kinda scared me when it said you was 17.. threw me for a loop..
    Ha ha good way to make an acquaintance..
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    Haven't figured out how to read a profile huh? :rolleyes:
    Just looked... Says the right age lol
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    Anyway, as mentioned the general consensus is that prohormones are shit... Dig up those threads and read..

    Then figure out what you want to do.. At our age gear is a better option.. Imo
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    Before I even finished your post I already had a window up with trt.
    I have heard it mentioned briefly.. I will do my research. And I had planned on a cycle of test and then a cycle of test and clen.
    But in the mean time as of now, this weekend im gonna run the havoc, I already have it, and Im gonna use it up. I have a detailed plan going into it, and im gonna use it to the T.
    I am changing up my training for the cycle.
    im gonna bring down my weight so that I can hit 20 reps for 5 sets of
    Squats/bench press/Dead lift, Mon Wed Fri , First Week
    Squats/barbell rolls/Dead lifts, Mon Wed Fri, Second week
    Im gonna alternate weeks back and forth for 6 weeks,
    at which time when I cycle off, I will move the weight up to what ever I can do 10 reps of first week, and up more second week to what ever I can only do 5 reps of.. while employing pct.. That way I should be able to keep my body thinking it needs more strength, and doesnt allow me to lose as much afterwards..

    You guys keep me alive thru this and We see about the big boy toys...
    My main interest in what knowledge I seek, Is understanding the lipid panels and other bloodwork you have done and being able to decipher it to understanding what its saying about my body.. I also keep my post shorter from here on out..
    Kinda just wanted to explain where my thinking is..

    Anyway thanks for replying and giving me a little direction.
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    Well im not for sure how I got that info.. I must of just had a brain fart.. My apologies Sir!. And Ya im very familiar with how the site works as Im a mod on a site that is set up pretty much like this one.. totally dif topic tho..

    You know how the first week is, or first couple days.. I find my way around and do some reading. I am very well aware of the search function, as a mod Im always screaming, use the search button that subject has been ran into the ground and answered a million times..

    So again my apologies on the misunderstanding..
    lol can you blame me, I thought you was 17 doing roids.. I thought that cant be to intelligent!
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    Did my research, and I hope I did it well...
    So I ended up with a pharma mix
    • testosterone PHENYLPROPIONATE 50 mg/ml
    • Testosterone CYPIONATE 200 mg/ml
    • Boldenone UNDECYLENATE 200 mg/ml

      10 ml vial

      Im gonna do a ml a week for 10 weeks.
      I got arimedex for an AI at .05 mg EOD
      And liquid tamox for pct

      And I got my dr to order cloresterol tests today, and Im gonna ask for a test to see if my test levels are low.
      I should have all that info back in a week. Figure to start my run a week after that..
      I also found the labcorp in my town and will have the female hormone test done at 4 weeks, and then again after PCT...

      Does anybody have any other advice for me?

  12. The ole man

    The ole man Junior Member

    Well I went with your advice after staying in the gym to make sure my body would be able to handle them. Then I went and procured the chems...
    So Im back and about ready to run this cycle...
    Ive did a lot more reading since then and feel better about giving it a shot.. No pun intended lol
  13. Eman

    Eman Member

    I would not suggest a mix. The boldenone is not something I would include on a first cycle either. I strongly suggest testosterone cypionate or enanthate. What you have is not ideal, and it's really not meant for once per week pins.

    If possible, I'd like you to post your stats, training routine and diet breakdown. Just macros and TDEE.

    What is your goal for this cycle?
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    Well its to late as I already got it.. So I will make due.. I did read where the half life of boldenone was like 3 days so I thought the same thing as I did more research..
    And I think most do 2 pins a week, but I thought being new I would only do one..

    As for my training, I work out 2 to 3 times a week and all I really do Is 5x5 training, with squats/bench/military presses/dead lifts..
    I work out my abs daily, and do 1 set of bench press of 125 for as many clean slow reps as I can get...

    My diet consists of 1500 colories from tuna/chicken salad and chicken ceasar salads, protein drinks and protein bars.. That has been my diet for 30 days.. Before that I did 60 days of a modified keto diet.
    Im 46, 5.7 and weigh 147 pounds with about 15 to 17% bfi..

    My goals is to add about 15 pounds of lean muscle and drop my bfi to under 10% so that im healthy and have more energy, and to work toe to toe with these younger boys around the factory.
  15. Eman

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    You won't be able to achieve -5% and gain 15lbs of mass simultaneously this cycle.

    Calories look pretty damn low, especially for a factory job.

    I'm going to be honest with you, your training regimen isn't practical and your diet needs work. I don't think adding gear to this is the solution. I strongly suggest you hold onto that vial and opt for a single long ester testosterone instead. I also strongly suggest you revamp your training routine to a full body split, or hire a trainer.
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  16. Eman

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    Yes, BUT don't buy the 500 one... The PIP will kick your ass.

    Also, do me a favor and click three little lines the bottom left of your post and delete the URL. You can also put it [ code ] on both sides of the URL so it's inactive, but don't leave the space between the brackets... It's frowned upon to have it active.

    The big lifts are great, don't get me wrong. But if you're only lifting twice a week, I think things could probably be optimized.

    What amount of calories do you need to eat to stay that that bodyweight?
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  17. The ole man

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    Got you! I deleted the post to keep it cool! Kinda figured. im thinking 2300 calories would maintain me.. So the test E 300 then at 1 ml a week?
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  18. Eman

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    I would pin 400-500 per week. My first cycle was actually 600, so you could do that but it's not really necessary... 500 is a standard first timer run. If you feel more comfortable with 300, I'm not going to tell you you're stupid by any means... But I think you'll get a few weeks in and wish you had gone just a little higher.

    So next thing I would do is start increasing your calories once you start pinning. If I were you, I'd plan on gaining muscle tissue on this cycle. Let the testosterone do its job. Once you're off... Try to maintain that new muscle and then after a while you can reverse course and peel off that bodyfat you want rid of. Trying to recomp is going to get you into a complicated circle of not getting the most out of everything. Try a recomp down the road, take this first cycle as a learning experience.

    Did you get your blood work yet?
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    No not till friday... I was gonna just ask my family dr to request the tests for my test levels as well as my lipid panel and other middle age tests... Which is fine cause I got to wait for the test E 300 anyway...
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  20. Eman

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    Not a bad idea at all. It's not abnormal to be asking about it at your age anyways... Hell, you may end up going to TRT at the end of this. Then the fun really begins. :)

    That mix that you have would make a decent second cycle BTW, and it would be good for cutting/recomp goals, so don't feel like you wasted your money or anything. Just need more of it.

    You got pct covered?
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