Trying to kill early gyno, okej to use Arimidex after Letro?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by 585, Nov 17, 2014.

  1. 585

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    I have been running test E 500 mg week, for 2 weeks, I have starting to notice a very mild numb feeling in both nipples, I dont feel any discomfort or itch, no pain. Dont know if its paranoia, or early gyno. I was stupid to start cycle without adex on hand, but please, I need advice. I started on Letro 0.5 mg today, to try to kill the estrogen, planning to use 1 mg ed for 7 days, to see of tingling go away. I get adex in 1 week. My question is:

    Is it okay to start adex right after discontinuing letro? Please help me out brothers!
  2. Jimmyinkedup

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    If it is what you are saying dont dose letro that high. In fact if you have tamox on hand for your pct just take 20mg of that per day till your dex comes in then start using the dex. fuck letro.
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    I'd take letro at . 25 e3d.thats imo
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  4. 585

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    Thanks for advice bro! Okey, I just was very concerned about getting gyno, så needed best advice to shut it down.
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    Letro is perfect for high E2. I would go with your plan if it was me.
  6. HuckingFuge

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    use Letro if that is all you have, but keep the dose low. Letro will kill your joints. Nolv is the best thing for gyno. use the adex once you get it.
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  7. 585

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    Using Letro 1 mg ed now for 2 days, I get adex and nolva in a few days.

    Should i run nolva and ari together until sympthoms go away?

    Eks, 20 mg nolva ed AND 0,5 mg Adex ed, and when gyno hopefully go away, I just keep up adex at 0,5 eod?
  8. mghoward74

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    How about going to the Dr. 1st. He/She can tell you if it's gyno for sure!