Trying to verify product

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  1. Joebob

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    image.jpg First post hope its in the right place any help much appreciated
    Trying to verify if it's from pharmacy or ugl
    Legit or not
    Purchased from friend in another state he said it comes from a pharmacy
    But I'm leaning towards ugl labels are crooked,batch #,expiration date,bar code are all the same on 3 diff products. Expiration date printed on box not stamped.
    Crimping of metal to bottle a little jacked.
    If this is from ugl is it a good product
    Or reputable brand
    Any advise much appreciated
    Trying to research instead of pin and pray
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    Ugl, not pharmaceutical
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  3. Joebob

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    Thanks thats what I thought
    Any info if anyone has had experience with this product legit or fake without knowing supplier I understand hard to tell