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    I am a rep for TSL and wil admit that right out of the gate, but furthermore i was a member to many forums first and was just like everyone else who was looking for a good goto source, no bullshit, fire gear and consistent, bloodwork proven, and fast turn around time... After long talks with TSL we came to terms on how he was going to run the Biz and I jumped on board..

    I am a fan of the meso ruthless nature to help prevent shit labs from getting into the peoples hands and I want to show you guys this guy means business and is here to make a mark in this industry and has set the bar very high... let me know if you have any questions. as we will address all of your comments, uproars , and questions as well..


    free shipping order fast


    Below is our most up to date product list. We offer several forms of

    payment including Western Union, Moneygram, and Bitcoin. We do offer bulk

    pricing and special increments of products, also we do make special

    blended and formulated products user specific as well.

    Once you view the list and you are ready to place an order, simply send a

    NEW email with the word “order” in the subject line. Send me the order and

    your preferred type of payment and I will send you payment details in a

    timely manner.

    Sometimes securenym is not very compatible with other emails, so if you

    have not been responded to within 24 hours, simply email me again, if that

    does not work, PM me on the forum.

    Any other products on my regular price list that you may want a package deal of, simply let me know and I can offer you a discounted price on it like I have done here above.


    1. testosterone Cypionate 250mg/mL - $35

    2. Testosterone Enanthate 250mg/mL - $35

    3. Testosterone Acetate 100mg/mL - $25

    4. Testosterone Propionate 100mg/mL - $25

    5. Sustanon 250mg/mL - $40

    6. Nandrolone Decanoate 250mg/mL - $40

    7 Nandrolone Decanoate 400mg/mL....$55 ( contains EO )

    7. Nandrolone Phenylpropionate 100mg/mL - $30

    8. Boldenone Undecylenate 250mg/mL - $40

    10. Boldenone Undecylenate 400mg/mL-$55 (contains EO)

    12. trenbolone acetate 100mg/mL $ 45

    13. Trenbolone Enanthate 200mg/mL - $55

    14. Methenolone Enanthate 100mg/mL - $55

    15. Drostanolone Propionate 100mg/mL - $35

    16. Drostanolone Enanthate 200mg/mL....$55

    17. MasTren 200mg/ml (100mg masteron propionate/ 100mg trenbolone acetate)

    - $55 (contains EO)

    18. Testosterone Phenylprop 150mg/mL - $35

    19. Super Test 250mg/ml (62mg test isocaproate/ 62mg test cypionate/ 62mg

    test decanoate/ 62mg test enanthate) - $40

    20. Methenolone Acetate 100mg/mL-$60 (contains EO) OUT OF STOCK

    21. Testosterone Suspension ( aqueous/water based ) 50mg/mL........ $30


    22. AceMastren 225mg.....( 25mg test acetate/100mg masteron prop/100mg

    tren acetate ).......$65 ( contains EO )

    23. BEAST Blend 450mg...(150mg test enanthate/ 100mg test cypionate/100mg

    test isocaproate/ 100mg test decanoate)....$65 ( EO )

    24. Super Sustanon 450mg.........$65 ( EO )

    ***These products (10, 17, 20, 22, 23, 24) are now having EO added for PIP


    Methyltrienolone ( Mtren ) 2mg/mL.........$50 " This product is very

    potent and liver toxic, extremely experienced users only with using this


    Trestolone Acetate 50mg/mL……………..$80 ( experienced users only )


    50mg Oral capsules are available in sealed packs per 50. Special

    increments can be requested also.

    1. Anadrol 50mg..$45 per pack

    3. T-Bol 50mg...$50 per pack

    4. T-VAR 50mg..... 25mg Tbol/ 25mg Anavar....... $65 per pack

    5. D-Drol 50mg.....25mg anadrol/ 25mg dbol......$55 per pack

    NEW 25mg ORALS............ These are in packages of 50 count.

    1. D-bol 25mg.......$40

    2. Anavar 25mg.....$60

    3. Winstrol 25mg...$40

    4. Proviron 25mg...$40

    5. Anavar 10mg.....$50

    6. Halotestin 10mg.$80

    7. Superdrol 10mg. $40

    pct Items........ THESE ITEMS are packaged slightly different, they are in

    sealed packages of 25ct...............

    1. nolvadex 25mg.......... $15

    2. clomid 50mg..............$15

    3. aromasin 25mg..........$30

    4. cialis 25mg………………..$25


    5 pack Testosterone ...... $150 shipped

    5 pack Nandrolone .........$175 shipped

    5 pack Boldenone...........$175 shipped

    5 pack Trenbolone E.......$250 shipped

    5 pack Trenbolone A.......$225 shipped

    5 pack Drostanolone E ...$250 shipped

    5 pack Drostanolone A....$160 shipped

    10 pack Testosterone ..... $280 shipped

    10 pack Nandrolone ..........$320 shipped

    10 pack Boldenone............$320 shipped

    10 pack Trenbolone E........$440 shipped

    10 pack Trenbolone A........$360 shipped

    10 pack Drostanolone P.....$320 shipped

    10 pack Drostanolone E.....$440 shipped
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    Just grabbed my popcorn....
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    i knew this would happen. we have proven bloodwork and labmax passes i will post, we aren't stretching here for customers just was hoping to bring quality here
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    It's obvious you dont know how meso gets down others wise you would of posted what members are going to ask.
    get the fuck out of here we dont need shit toilet brew gear
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    do with it what u will don't order thats fine
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    Did I miss the sign that said "please bring meso quality gear". Maybe I was texting while driving.
  8. Padawan

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    500 mgs a week blood pulled 48 hours later. test e

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  9. legendary

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    it was right after the no turn on red sign....
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    Well good for you :confused:

    Did you ever find one? All you fucking state here is "fast turnaround" whoopty fucking doo. I possibly missed it thru your wall of useless text but I think you forgot to mention if you're even domestic or international. Who the fuck forgets something as important as that? Really?

    Every fucking lab that comes in here says this BS. You like Meso, oh ok go ahead and peddle your bathtub brew! Yet you come without any fucking proof.

    I've wasted enough time in one post.

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    Fuck, I think I missed that one too.
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    They might need some iron supplements
  13. Do3Gs

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    Thank you so much for looking out for us! Our savior! What has Meso done without you?

    Aren't stretching for customers? Then why come to Meso? To take advantage of the free platform? That's not really a question, we all know. Can't afford source boards?
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    I feel some junior members coming on to take the plunge. Take one for the team if you will.
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    Oh I'm sure he's got PMs and emails already with them trying to throw money at him. "But he said his gear was FIRRRE and I'd get it fast!"
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    Where's the pics of the gear maybe pics of your set up how big is the bath tube your using to brew this shit
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    He didn't even think this through..he's just trying to take peoples $$$ and spam his shity lab name here

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    domestic. and the bath tub is brand new porcelain no floaters:)

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    and I did think it through I knew we would go thru this beating and I'm very glad this happens here, and it's not just to spam a free board because we source on paid boards as well. very confident in the line
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    Really a few bottles of gear lol come on guy I have more then that and I don't even sell gear