Turkey Anadrol, Tren Ace, 1.2grams of Test E full blood panel

Discussion in 'Steroid Lab Testing' started by penche, Jul 11, 2017.

  1. penche

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    This is more in regards to liver values and health. The Test E raw comes from a private src I can't disclose. The tren Ace is component th I made. Was using. 80~100mg per day. Anadrol was using for 6 weeks 100~150mg per day. The Tren and Anadrol has wrecked my cholesterol but liver enzymes(AST/ALT)are still within tolerance. Prostate gland is still a pass. Hemocrat and RBC nvr moved, I have nvr donated. Thyroid is little off.
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  2. dmgkm

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    How do you keep your liver in that kinda shape running tren and Anadrol? Is your liver made of steel or are you taking some liver protection supplements? I also don't know how your RBC and Hematocrit stay in range with that kind of a cycle and not donating blood. you must be a freak of nature.
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  3. RThoads

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    man not bad at all for some strong compounds. wow that Test level! awesome
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  4. penche

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    I honestly don't know brotha how the Hema and RBC stay in range. I take nothing for liver protection nor vitamins. I do take niacin for my lipoprotein A for cholesterol but that didn't help much as the lipid panel is all jacked.
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  5. Ripped

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    You're just one healthy mofo bro.
    I'm sure you got to be getting jacked on this run.
    How you liking the Drol?
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  6. penche

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    One of my best runs brotha! Dropped fat, got strong and look full. The Turkey Anadrol was really good. Stupid pumps in the gym, possibly one of my favorite oral anabolics now. If you have a chance try it. Not reppin but it is my honest opinion
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  7. Ripped

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    That's great bro.
    And definitely going to pickup some drol.
    I have PS superdrol now probably use it on my next blast.
  8. colossus25

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    Holy test level batman..... Thats one good private source you got there man i wouldn't be sharing either lmaoo
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  9. colossus25

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    Its genetics man im the same fucking way. My cholesterol gets all crazy but my liver values are always absolutely spot on. I don't take anything either, to me personally all that liver support stuff is just a bunch of bullshit.
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  10. TorroXL

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    Ty for the contribution Penche. I have to agree with you in regards to drol being one of the best compounds out there. However, for a few weeks I was running an injectable Drol by a source called gorilla gold. My first time with it and I loved it. Pumps were insane. I believe you and I spoke about via text last week. My issue I'm having now with the drol is I switched to an oral form from psource. The 25mg tabs. I responded great to 50mg injectable. The 25mg pills from psource were insanely strong. Pumps were insane. 25mg was strong it actually made me feel sick after 2 doses. I had to jump ship. Why do you think I tolerated the injectable so much better then the oral? I got little to no sides from injectable with all the bennies like strength and pumps. And insane pumps and strength from the pill, but got sick and shit my brains out for 2 days. The last pic I sent you is largely due to drol gains from the injectable. Any thoughts?
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  11. Ripped

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    My wife couldn't handle his var bro you must be allergic to a filler in it Bull.
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  12. penche

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    Have to agree with Ripped brotha could've been the filler or other ingredients they use. The Iran Anadrol would sometimes make me breath heavy. Hence why I wanted to get labs on it to see where my health was. Was suprised to say the least. I also get the shits sometimes from oral stair rods. Mainly Var will make poo like crazy if I go over 50mg lol.

    And btw that pic you sent. You're looking like a fuking bull homie. You're genetics are kickass and you grow and grow and don't stop. I'm jelly lol
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  13. NFRCR

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    Nice T level.

    What's with your igf-1? Are you taking any anti-prolactin drugs?
  14. penche

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    My IGF is badly suppress because I was using tamoxifen and tren A. Before my IGF was elevated a bit on hgh generics. I'm gonna give it a few weeks for the tamoxifen to clear my system before IGF -1 testing.

    No prolactin drugs at all nvr have. Just Anastrozole, tamoxifen
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  15. johntt44

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    Me too, Superdrol, tren, halo etc. Not a bad liver value to be seen. I was cycling 30-40mg superdol for 4wks. All bloodwork was on point except good cholesterol.
  16. Ripped

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    If I stay below 70 mg of sdrol my liver doesn't hurt. lol
  17. TRT

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    Damn. Those are some good bloods. God damn that free Test!
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  18. NFRCR

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    Alright. You mentioned tren, is tren also known to mess with igf-1? From my personal experience is does mess with it but it has not been consistent always.
  19. taco33150

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    Freak of nature
  20. ripgh15

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    How long after your last test E pin did you draw your labs? Also, you must be feeling sluggish with that lowish T4, have you? I recently was feeling very tired and i went for labs and had very similar T4 levels after my tren run